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Keysounds is a Program using C# and the .NET Framework, to play the typing sounds from Osu!-Chat anywhere on machines able to run the .NET Framwork.

I created this program since it felt so satisfying to type in the Osu!-Chat.

You can download the Program-"installer" (literally a self-extracting 7-zip file) here: http://bit.do/OsuKeysoundsDownload
Updated versions will always be on GitHub https://github.com/GamefreakSenpai/OsuKeysounds

To use the program extract it somewhere you don't look to often (can even be C:/Programs) and create a shortcut on your desktop. I haven't bothered with autostart so you will have to manually start it after logging in.

When the Program is started it will look like this:

You can minimize it, which will make it disappear from the taskbar and re-appear in the icon-tray.

Right-Click on the icon to edit the volume or end the Program.

I haven't tested wether some AV-Programs might suspect it being malicious, since
it is basically reacting to global keyboard inputs and could thus be used as a keylogger...
Seems only Sophos thinks Keyloggers should be treated as Spyware ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I will later publish the code on github, when I set all that up.
Great project ! :)
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