[osu!std] Osu! Belgium Team Tournament 2019

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Welcome to the second edition of the Osu Belgium Team Tournament! This tournament is hosted by Bastia and DraQeu. The exact format is unknown, as we do not know how many teams will sign up.

Discord | Main spreadsheet | Registration | Rules | Stream

General Info
  1. A 2v2 osu!standard tournament.
  2. Score V2 will be used.
  3. Team size is exactly 2 players.
  4. You must have the belgian flag on your osu profile.
  5. You must join the discord.
  6. Your team combined global rank value must be higher than 3500 (#global rank player 1 + #global rank player 2 > 3500) or Yentis + Hanori can't play, Badewanne3 + Bastia can.
  7. If you don’t have a team and want to participate, join the discord and look for a team member in the #looking-for-team channel. Check the pinned message for a spreadsheet of players that are looking for a teammate.

  1. Registration start: 08/12/18
  2. Registration end: 20/01/19
  3. 1st Round: 02/02/2019
  4. The rest is going to depend on how many teams sign up

Rules (Disclaimer: the rules can be changed prior the start of the tournament)
  1. Score V2 & Team Vs
  2. Bans: 1 ban per team.
  3. Roll: Roll winner bans second, picks first. Roll loser bans first, picks second.
  4. Freemod: each team needs at least 2 mods. Allowed mods: HD & HR
  5. Picks: A team can’t pick a map from the same modpool twice in a row. (eg. If your first pick is HD, your second pick can’t be HD. The opposing team can pick HD after your HD pick)
  6. Warmups: 1 per team, max length is 4 min.
  7. Tiebreaker: will be played when both teams need 1 point to win. Will be played under freemod conditions, mods are not required. Allowed mods: HD & HR
  8. Failed scores do not count.
    For the first round, all matches will be played with No Fail
    (This is to avoid early team fails)
  9. Disconnect: If a player disconnects, they get treated as if they failed the beatmap, the opponents agree, the map can be replayed
  10. A match can be postponed to a maximum of 10 minutes
  1. The referee will create the multiplayer lobby 10-5 min in advance and invite both teams.
  2. When both teams are in, the captains will roll. This determines who goes first in the ban fase.
  3. The loser of the roll bans the first map, afterwards the other team bans. This keeps alternating until all bans have been used.
  4. When all of the bans have finished the teams will start picking maps. The winner of the roll picks the first map, afterwards the other team picks. This keeps alternating until one of the teams has won enough maps or both teams need 1 point to win. In the last case the tiebreaker will be played.

Match reschedules
Matches can be rescheduled if properly communicated to the staff. More info on this in the rules document and on the discord in the #reschedules channel

Prize Pool
At the moment this is unknown. Want to help out? Contact the hosts

If you want to help out fill out this form (at the moment we aren't looking for more mappoolers)
Host: Bastia, DraQeu
Referee: DraQeu, [Sven], Konipaku, brain damage, Kasumii-sama
Mappoolers: Bastia, DraQeu, brain damage, cavoeboy, phalanx
Commentator: Bastia [Sven], Konipaku, Mking
Streamer: Bastia

5joshi wrote:

Mania ranking counts ? xd
next year when i ll be decent at the game :)
im ruining everything dw signing up as mappooler
😂😂😂 brain damage x cavoe mappool 😂😂😂
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