OTT3 - 2v2 Tournament (1k-10k) (10k-25k)

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Welcome to Osu! Tandem Tournament 3

  • Winners of the previous iteration (OTT2) in their respective bracket are not allowed to take part in that bracket for this iteration for the sake of competition.
  • Osu! Standard Tournment
  • 2v2 style
  • Double Elimination for this iteration
  • International Registration
  • Rank brackets of 1k-10k and 10k-25k
  • Teams can consist of 3 members, but all members on a team must be in the same rank bracket for the tournament
  • Seeding is done by rank
  • Rescheduling will be done at staff discretion. We hold the right to deny any or all rescheduling if we feel it is not right to change the match time.
    To add this, make sure to reschedule >24hrs prior to the scheduled time to avoid conflicts with others.
  • Joining the OTT discord is required
  • Matches will be held on Saturdays and Sundays (unless you can managed to get a ref to agree to a reschedule on a weekday)
  • Sign-ups end January 4th!
  • Tournament Officially starts : TBA

  • Teams must be able to play maps that are at least 5 stars (Or Higher) in difficulty.
  • Schedules will be released in the Discord after Sign up Stage.
  • Your team's opponents for each match will be listed in a challonge bracket which will be released after the sign ups close on the OTT discord
  • Matches will be held as a 2v2, in a Team VS format, on ScoreV2
  • If your team fails to show up 10 minutes after matches have be scheduled, will result in a loss of point. Failing to show up in the first 15 minutes after matches have be scheduled will result in a disqualification.
  • There will be no warmups in group stages. In the bracket stage, warmups will have to be shorter than 5 minutes and with no questionably obsecene or unsuitable content for broadcasting. (If you have to ask, it's almost certain that the map is not allowed).
  • When the referee calls for it, both team captains will roll, and the winner of said roll will choose between picking first or banning first. The other team will then get the option that was not chosen. The loser of the roll gets the first warmup pick.
  • Each team can BAN 1 MAP from the pool every match.
  • Mappools will be in the 5-2-2-2-2-1 format (5 NoMods, 2 Hiddens, 2 Hard Rocks, 2 Double Times, 2 FreeMods, 1 Tiebreaker). From the semi-finals onwards, it will then become a 5-3-3-3-3-1 mappool.
  • Disconnects and technical problems may be replayed once per team, but only if they occur during the first quarter of the map. This is mostly under ref discretion to determine if the tech problem is valid.
  • You are not allowed to pick Hidden, HardRock or DoubleTime picks twice in a row. This only applies for same team picks. (i.e your opponent may pick the same mod you just picked)
  • In FreeMod, At least one player on each team MUST pick a mod.
  • Mods are allowed in the TieBreaker, but are not required.
  • Any stalling, excessive use of profanity, or constant spam will not be tolerated. After a warning, doing such things will disqualify you from this tournament.
  • If one player fails but revives the score WILL COUNT, but if the team fails you will lose the round point.
  • The following is the format of the matches in every stage:

Group Stage: Bo5
Ro32: Bo7
Ro16: Bo9
Quarter-Finals: Bo9
Semi-Finals: Bo11
Finals: Bo13
  • Any further ruling questions may be directed at staff in the #help channel of the discord server.

Sign Up Form Here


A BADGE FOR 1st Place (Not yet made)

Host(s): Hau & Dada
Spreadsheet Gods: this1neguy & Dada
Streamers: TBA (Can apply)
Commentators: TBA (Can apply)
Mappoolers: Dada & xFluffyo (maybe)
Referees: TBA (Will take headcount later because we need more)
Special Thanks to: juesus for the amazing graphics
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Eta Carinae
Can I still join if I am 10,300ish for 1k-10k if my partner is 5k
this is cool.
Aynone 10-25k wanna play? DM Me.
Let's go
Looking for teammates for 10k-25k

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