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Current Priority: +0
some people regard pausing in game as cheating, especially in a rhythm game
there could be a pause counter to count the number of pauses and the duration of each pause
or when you pause, in ranked play, your score is automatically forfeit and you must retry the score again without pause to qualify
You can't just say pausing is cheating.
1) it depends on where you pause. Don't tell me that pausing during a hard spaced stream would be cheating
2) there allready needs to be a second between two pauses so that you can not abuse pauses
3) some people also would say pausing would make things harder
Don't really see this FR going anywhere
They're already attempting to mitigate the issue of pausing in the middle of a map in lazer by adding a short hold duration to the escape button in order to actually pause the game.
that would give an incentive to not pause the game during play, as it can harm a score
but i think we should see how many times a player has paused to help better judge their score, spots in the map where they paused, and how long they paused for as well, just like the failure graph.
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