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[Osu!Mania] TVEBT #2 4K (UK + Ireland) [Regs closed!]

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Welcome to the 2nd edition of TVEBT!

TVEBT (The Very English British Tournament) is a 1 vs 1 4K Osu!Mania tournament exclusive to players from the United Kingdom and Ireland, a double elimination bracket using the Score V2 system.
Our first edition was full of excitement, shocks and some disappointment, however with this new second edition we’re hoping to bring great competition to the United Kingdom and Ireland’s mania scene!
There is no rank prerequisite for entering this tournament, so please, keep reading to see if you’re interested!

Player Applications

Please follow this link and complete the form to sign up for this tournament.

You must be a resident of the United Kingdom or Ireland, however there is no rank prerequisite to play!

Please join the Discord server via the link above, once you have completed the form, and you will be given the 'Player' role once the application has been processed!

Tournament Staff

HOST / CO-HOST: Responsible for organising all aspects of the tournament that directly involves players, e.g scheduling / staffing.

CO-HOST: Fletch

MAP SELECTORS: Responsible for the selection of maps for each map-pool in a given round.


MATCH REFEREES: Responsible for the administration of all individual tournament matches.


STREAMERS: Responsible for the live streaming of the tournament through streaming applications and the tournament client.


COMMENTATORS: Responsible for live commentary of tournament matches / maps / players and more.


GFX: Responsible for creating graphics content for the tournament, e.g. Profile Banners.


We are currently looking for staff to fill the Referee / Commentator / Streamer / GFX roles, if you're interested, please follow the link here to fill out the application form, and make sure to join the Discord server via the link at the top!
Please keep in mind that any staff players that wish to play in the tournament can only either fill the commentator or the streamer roles!

Tournament Schedule

Depending on the final number of entries, a complete schedule will be put into place post registrations.

Registration: 20th November – 4th January
Qualifier map-pool released: 13th January
Qualification stage: 19th - 20th January
Group stage: 26th – 27th January
Round of 16: 2nd - 3rd February
Quarter-Finals: 9th-10th February
Semi-Finals: 16th-17th February
Finals: 23rd – 24th February
Grand Finals: 2nd March

Matches will be played on Saturday or Sunday with the exception of the qualification stage, which may be played on Friday depending on players' availability.
Map-pools for each round will be showcased on the Sunday the week before the map-pool in question is to be played. They will be released for download shortly after the showcase and links will be placed in the Discord server.

Tournament Staging


[A] - Information

All players that sign up for the tournament will be eligible to compete in the qualification stage of the tournament. There is a limitation to how many players can advance to the groups stage however.

If there are 32 entrants, all 32 players will progress to the group stage.
If the number of entrants falls between 33 - 63, the top 32 players post qualification will progress to the group stage.
If there are 64 entrants, all 64 players will progress to the group stage.
If the number of entrants falls between 65-127, the top 64 players post qualification will progress to the group stage
If there are 128 entrants, all 128 players will progress to the group stage.
If the number of entrants exceeds 128, the top 128 players post qualification will progress to the group stage
NOTE: We do not expect to reach 128 qualified players into the group stage

The qualification stage will consist of 4 individual maps varying in style and difficulty. All players play each qualification map twice, making each qualification match a total of 8 songs long. The highest score of each players two runs on a single map will count towards their final cumulative score, which in turn places them into their seed.

Players will be placed into groups of 8 (as this is not a 1 vs 1 match-up), decided on their stated availability.

Post qualification, players will have obtained a seed relative to how they performed during the qualification stage. This will be used to place players into their groups for the group stage, the highest score classing as 'Seed #1', and the lowest score classing as 'Seed x' - x being the number of players to pass through the qualification stage.

[B] - Scoring

As stated previously, the scoring system will be 'Score V2'. The best of a players two scores on each map will be what accumulates to their final qualification score.


Post qualification stage, players will have then been assigned a seed assigned from their total accumulative score from the qualification maps. This will be sorted into 4 groups, based on how many total players have qualified:

Top Seed: Top 8 / Top 16
High Seed: 9th-16th / 17th-32nd
Middle Seed: 17th-24th / 33rd-48th
Low Seed: 25th-32nd / 49th - 64th

Each seed will be taken, and randomised into their respective groups. Therefore in each group, there will be a single Top Seed, High Seed, Middle Seed and Low Seed.

Each player in their group will play 3 matches, each match against one (1) of the other three (3) players in their group.

The top two players in each group, post Group Stage, will advance into the double elimination bracket stage of the tournament.


The rounds after the Group Stage will a Double Elimination stage, consisting of two brackets, the 'Winners' and the 'Losers'.

Players who finish top in their group, will be placed against the player who finished 2nd in a different group, for example:

Scenario: 8 groups in the group stage

The 1st place of group A will face the 2nd place of group H
The 2nd place of group A will face the 1st place of group H
The 1st place of group B will face the 2nd place of group G
The 2nd place of group B will face the 1st place of group G

Players who win a match in the 'Winners Bracket' will progress through said bracket, players who lose a match in the 'Winners Bracket' will fall to the 'Losers Bracket'. If players in the 'Losers Bracket' lose a match in said bracket, they will be eliminated from the tournament. This continues up until the Grand Finals, where the player who has come from the 'Losers Bracket' must win two (2) matches against the player from the 'Winners Bracket', one (1) to initiate a bracket reset, and the next to win the tournament. The player from the 'Winners Bracket' must only win one (1) to win the tournament.

Tournament Play

Match Protocol

The referee will create the multiplayer room 10 minutes prior to the allotted time, and invite the players 5 minutes before the scheduled match time.

When both players have arrived in the lobby, the match will commence.

If a player is missing at the scheduled time, a 10 minute grace period will begin. Should they still not appear after this grace period, the match shall be assigned as a default win to the other attending player.

If both players do not show up to the match, a reschedule will be put into place. If still both players do not show up in said reschedule, the higher seeded player of the match will advance.

Matches will consist of a warm up to begin, one for each player, which must not exceed 4 minutes.

Players will then !roll to determine the match order. The lower roll receives the first ban, the higher roll receives the first pick.

Players are permitted one (1) ban from the map-pool, which cannot be the tiebreaker.

Once the match commences, both players will pick maps, alternating, until one (1) of two (2) criteria are met:

[A] One player reaches the required amount of points to win the match, in which they advance as the winner, the loser is either moved to the 'Losers Bracket', or eliminated from the tournament, depending on the bracket.

[B] Both players are on match point, in which the tiebreaker map is played to determine the winner. The winner of this advances, and the loser is moved to the 'Losers Bracket', or eliminated from the tournament, depending on the bracket.

After the match completes, players are free to leave the lobby, and the multiplayer room will be closed by the referee.

Map-pool Overview

Every tournament round will have a set number of maps, one tiebreaker (bar the Qualification Stage) and a maximum number of maps played per match. This is as follows:

Qualification stage: 4 song map-pool, no winning condition, no tiebreaker.
Group stage/Round of 32: 10 song map-pool, best of 7 (first to 4), one tiebreaker.
Round of 16/Quarter-Finals: 12 song map-pool, best of 9 (first to 5), one tiebreaker.
Semi-Finals: 14 song map-pool, best of 11 (first to 6), one tiebreaker.
Finals/Grand Finals: 16 song map-pool, best of 13 (first to 7), one tiebreaker.


We have a few disclaimers for this tournament which can be read here.

As a player, you have the right to expect that staff will perform to their best abilities throughout the tournament. This means matches are managed and concluded efficiently. If any issues do occur, please don’t hesitate to contact my discord indicating you are a tournament player, with the issue, and I will make sure to resolve any problems and confusions.

As staff, it is our right to expect you to arrive on time to your scheduled matches. Reschedules should be ideally negotiated and completed two days before matches for the round in question is set to start. As for any no-shows in matches, without any prior warning, this may result in a blacklisting for future tournaments, so please pay attention to this before you sign up.

As a player, you have every right to have an opinion on the content, structure and running of the tournament. If you are unhappy with anything, you are not restricted from voicing this, but please do this with reason in mind.

As staff, we have the right to punish any players for intolerable behaviour. I (Domblade) hold responsibility over decisions that may affect any players standing, however, any other tournament staff have the ability to forward any concerning behaviours that arise, be it towards players or staff. Please keep rationality in mind. Minor instances will result in a warning, whereas continued instances may result in removal from the tournament.

Disconnections are something that we can’t predict, and are unfortunate to happen. There are some provisions we have put into place to cover this. Players that have disconnected within the first 30 seconds / 25% of the map, will be nullified and reattempted. Players will have a two disconnection limit, upon the third disconnection, a point will be given to the opposing player.

The grace period stated in ‘Tournament Play - Protocol’ will be activated at the end of a completed map. If this timer reaches 0, the match will be forfeited, and the remaining player in the lobby will be declared the winner. If it occurs that both players have disconnected from the match, the grace period will apply again, if no reconnection takes place, the protocol stated previously will be put into place, and the higher seeded player will advance as the winner.

This is a tournament that will be applying for official recognition. This means that all signed players pre-Qualification Stage will be screened by Osu! Staff, to test if they are ineligible for tournament play, be it "via severe account infringement, suspicion of account sharing, or having been the product of a recent ban appeal within the past 12 months." Please pay close attention to this prior to signing up, if you are reported to be ineligible for the tournament, we will unfortunately have to remove your position.


Prizes are soon to be confirmed, we are applying for badge eligibility and supporter gifts to the winner though!

More information to come.
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