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Song: Matter of Time by TRÏBE

I'd like to be able to share my WIP so that anyone interested in giving feedback could take a look at it. Is there a way to share it without actually uploading it? And if I do have to upload it, is there a way to make it private so that only certain people can see it?

My number one immediate concern is of course to get the timing perfect. Fortunately throughout a good portion of the song there is an underlying piano line kind of tapping out quarter notes. However, the song also has these quieter parts, and I am really struggling to hear the beat through them. When the piano returns my current beat still lines up with it , but I swear it sounds off in the section immediately before. So either it's just my inexperience causing me to second guess myself, or there is a different rhythm in those sections.

Finally, what are some of the most common pitfalls that idiot noobs with no idea of what they are getting into (such as myself) tend to fall into? At what point should I start reaching out to the modding community?

EDIT: As of this time I am now about 99% sure that I have the BPM down, not quite so 100% on the offset though. I've started adding some notes for about 2* difficulty, I'll probably upload it in a day or two.
Hey there, I play mania but i'd like to say something.

When the beat feels like it is not on cue and then when the other instruments start again it may actually be on cue.

there are a few reasons it may feel off

1) Wrong time signature, if it is a 3/4 song and you use 4/4 it will sound off, its weird but it will

2) It may actually slow down (or speed up)! If this happens I can look at the map for you and get it down.

3) It may just be a weird song, not to toot my own horn but in my map chronos there are parts where the BPM feels off but it actually isn't. This may be your case!

If you need any help with the timing feel free to ask me!
For the first point about uploading maps privatley, you can go to File -> Export Package then you can upload that file to Google Drive or something to send to other people

When it comes to timing, the first thing I do when I time a map is search for ranked versions of the song since if they're ranked then they're pretty much 100% guaranteed to have correct timing, if there's no ranked maps you can always search for other maps and experiement with their timings and see if you think they fit, once you have a timing that you *think* fits you can ask other people to check the offset and BPM for you by sending them the map, possibly through the same method as before.
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