What if I don't know why I missed something?

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I recently watched a video on osu! and they said it's important to know why you messed up and consciously work on fixing it (if you want to get better), but sometimes I play and miss and I don't know exactly what the issue is. Should I just wait until it becomes self-evident or watch the replay or what?

Sometimes it is really obvious (like I just don't have streaming/singletap speed) but when it is a weirder issue I don't know what the exact problem is. Am I overthinking this and should I just wait until it's obvious or what?
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If you don't know why did you get a miss, watch the replay at a low playback speed, with the hit error bar enabled.
Depends on you. I never watch my replays (except ones i thought were good). Some people do it a lot. I say you should give it a try and if you feel it helps you improve, continue. If not then not
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You can try watching the replay or if you have trouble reading a section of the map, you can open it in the edit and read the pattern from there.
After all that if you still don't know why you missed or still can't read the pattern then just ignore that map, play another and come back to it a few weeks later.
you're overthinking it

this game is pure mechanical skill, every wall you hit can be broken through with practice.

reading issues? play tech/hollow wings maps or switch to a more minimal skin

aim? jump time

streams? dragonforce time

singletap stamina? high bpm time

just practice a lot on your weaknesses and all your issues will solve themselves
Changing skin for a while, especially cursor/trail can help see where aim goes wrong. Focusing on things that seem new might be easier than something you are familiar with. I just invert color when lazy.
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