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Personally im in a bit of a mixture it depends on the type of person i am talking to if i see that they are fun and happy...or someone along those lines. then i usually bring up an anime topic to them see if their interested in it.

Well for me it is kind of the same. I am lucky enough to be in a school that is 30 percent Asian, 30 percent Indian, and 90 percent weeb. In non school settings I am generally more reserved, but in school you would just talk about anime like it was sports or whatever. If you bring up anime, you expect the other person to know what you are talking about. I generally am open about being an otaku, but I do not try to come off as one. If you ask me I will tell you, but I wont be blasting Hitorigoto while walking around (unlike some fine gentlemen at my place of scholastic learning).
i don't usually talk to my irl friends about anime cause we don't watch the same genres: i'm more a slice of life/shojo person, they're more into shonens
but online i'm very open about my anime preferences and opinions
Anime at least for my friends are kinda of a meme you know, some of my friends doesn't watch anime, but they joke about it and thats why I am much more opened, because I can talk, and make fun about anime stuff with them.
Sometimes I watch anime with my friends, and sometimes we talk about it as well. I have no shame to say to someone else, that I watch, so I wouldn't say that I am self private.
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