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Poison their food.

What would you do if you have an appointment in 2 hours and you didn't sleep yet?
To hell with sleep then.

...if you see someone choking and you're the only one around?

Also I took first aid so I know how to Heimlich.
But I'd probably forget about it and freak out instead.

What would you do if you woke up next to me?~
i'd look at you, smile, then return to sleep...

... If you're forbidden to sleep because of work?
I wouldn't mind it as long as it's only once in a while and they're not abusing human rights. I also have to love the job. If they're just taking me for granted and depriving me of sleep on a daily basis, then that's not work anymore. It's slavery. In which case, I'd quit.

...if you a random stranger hugs you out of nowhere
Just stand there and take it because I wouldn't care. Unless they're a known rapist/sex offender, then I'd slap a bitch.

If you are starving and had 100 bucks in you pocket.
Starve on. Then buy stuff with the $100 later.

What would you do if your friend is asking you if you can attend this event with them while you're visiting them in another city but suddenly your other friend tells you they forgot to buy you your train tickets?
Call friend, explain situation, try to obtain train tickets at the station. If I can't then it can't be helped.

What would you do if you were presented with the opportunity to win a million dollars via winning a coin-toss call, but had to put everything you own on the line?
I would say screw it, im not doing it and then go play osu
What would you do if you were presented with a new computer but wasn't allowed to carry over all your beatmaps and osu records?
Start fresh with a cool gear. Screw stats. Enjoy playing. XD

What would you do if you hear footsteps in the middle of the night.. but alone? :>
Freak out and hide in my closet. If necessary I'll grab a baseball bat for self-defense.

What would you do if you're left with 3 days to live?
First Day - Eat a metric fuckton and listen to my music for hours on end in order to drown the misery.
Second Day - Spend time with time and family. And write a farewell letter at night.
Last Day - Avoid contact with people meanwhile reminiscing and evaluating major events of my life - the good, the bad. And finally, take a stroll in the park for my last hour.

If you could befriend any one person (politician, celebrity, etc.)
i don't know what to do :?

what would you do if you can brought any fictional character to real life
I'd befriend it?

What would you do if you're driving down an empty road in the middle of the night and see a cloaked old woman by the roadside wanting to hitchhike?
Lawl I live In the city I would not stop. I'm srry old lady but what if you're one of those crazy serial killers or something :(

What would you do if you could fly? O.o
Buy myself a cape and start wearing my pantsu outside pants

What would you want to do if you have a year off studies/work?
stay home all day and play osu!

what would you do if you have to go somewhere you do not want to go to?
I would pretty much just say whoop de fucking do and just go with it. Things could easily get better.
What would you do if someone tried to rape you
I'll do like those 'kick in balls, shins, knees, etc' like maneuvers they teach girls like me. And attempt to scream even though I can't scream. :O

what would you do if you were getting ganged up on by a bunch of hobos? O.o
Take a burger out of my backpack and throw it on the ground. Run and I'm home free :D.

What would you do if your family is almost outta money and you're close to moving.
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