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Graphics by Backfire & Micro

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EUTT is a 32 Player, 1v1 Double Elimination tournament for players from the European region. It is to be played with the Score V2 system, and this is our first iteraton of the European Division of the "Regional Taiko Tournament" series, that started with North America. As such, we expect to see lots of new faces and interesting results!

Sign-ups are to be done via Forum PM. Please PM Backfire with your information (Time Zone in UTC as well) to get registered! Only the top 32 players who register will be able to participate, we will update the registrations daily!

Tournament Dates

(Subject to Change)
Registration Phase: October 8 - October 27
Round of 32: November 3 - 4
Round of 16: November 10 - 11
Quarter Finals: November 17 - 18
Semi Finals: November 24 - 25
Finals: December 1 - 2
Grand Finals: December 8 - 9

Map Pools


Tournament Information:


Tournament Organizers: Backfire and Kasumii-sama
Mappool Selectors: Nepuri, Raphalge and Backfire
Streamer: Heamburger
Commentators: Raphalge, Faithful, Das, Sparxe and Backfire
Referees: All Staff, Cactie-, Briesmas + ShiroBot (Referee Bot for Group Stage)

If you are interested in helping with any of these, please join the discord by clicking the link at the top of the post!


- First Place: 15 Euros + Profile Badge Designed By Backfire (Pending)
- Second Place: 10 Euros
- Third Place: 5 Euros

Main Spreadsheet

1: Only Players with a European or Eurasian flag on their account are allowed to register in this tournament.
2: Group Stage matches are seeded based on global rank at time of registration submission.
3: EUTT will have a double elimination structure with a loser bracket.
4: EUTT matches will be 1v1 Taiko in team style format with a point given to the highest score achieved in the Score V2 system.
5: The win conditions for each stage are as follows.
In Round of 32 & 16, it is Bo7: First to win 4 maps wins.
In Quarterfinals and Semifinals, it is Bo9: First to win 5 maps wins.
In Finals and Grand Finals, it is Bo11: First to win 6 maps wins.

6: Score V2 will be used.
7: Map pools will contain 5 No Mod (3+2 EX), 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT, 3 FM and 1 Tiebreaker.
8: Players must have at least 1 mod activated during the Free Mod pool.
9: You are allowed 1 map ban per match, this does not include the Tie-breaker.
10: Each player can choose to play up to 1 warm-up map. A warm-up must be shorter than 4 minutes. If both players agree to one warm-up, the duration must be shorter than 6 minutes.
11: Roll is used to determine who will get the first pick and the first ban. The winner of roll will select the first map, whereas the loser will ban the first map.
12: Tiebreaker will be played if both players are 1 point away from winning. It will not be Free Mod.
13: In cases where a map results in a tie, the map is nullified and the Player who picked said map will pick another. (If the Tiebreaker ends in a draw, the tiebreaker will be replayed under FM.)
14: If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.
15: Players will have up to 15 minutes after the scheduled time to show up. Failure to show up without prior notice will result in a win by default.
16: Any modification of these rules will be announced.
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