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an option to see the old beta test just a request and also a better online experience where u can talk to people and a dizzy mod for all difficultes it swaps controls only if u use t it multiplies score by 1.15 cuz it swaps controls :D
Well first of all you should read the guidelines to request something
Please don't name your request things/stuff i want or "please do this"
Don't request more than one thing at once.

dizzy mod was requested before and denied.
You also can chat with people ingame already
and why would you see the old beta test anyway?
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because it looks cool and i mean use a choice between the old like halo anniversary n the top left corner and then how bout a update on hard rock where it makes it harde rcuz its claled har dinstead of a tiny bit harder
What is up with your spelling and grammar, I can't understand a thing you're posting...
And about Hard Rock - it scales with the difficulty settings the map uses. So on Easy diffs it hardly changes anything, on Insanes it becomes extremely hard. Trust me.
Koro McAlpine
This should be set as a duplicate.
Everything that has been in past test versions is already in public, everything that isn't in public is in the current beta which you can only access if you are a supporter, also you didn't follow the guidelines for making a feature request.
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