[STD] Epes' modding queue (NM/M4M/GD)

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epes2001 773
This queue is currently CLOSED

Anyways here are the rules:


1. Please tell me which mod you want (NM/M4M/GD) at first on your request.

2. Please read my last post ,please stop sending requests after I closed the queue(GD are not limited by this rule), those extra ones will not be modded.

3. Please mention if you are going for rank or not, so that I would not hesitate to give hype if your map is excellent (will give if you have less than 5 hypes)

4. (For those that are fine with NM or M4M)If you are letting me to decide either NM or M4M, I will automatically assume you did a M4M request

5. I will put a list that I couldn't mod on my last post after I finish all the requests, if your map didn't get modded by me, your beatmap's link is probably there.
will add more in the future


1. WIP or Pending is fine.
2. Just make sure your map is playable and timed correctly.
will add more in the future


1. WIP or Pending is fine.
2. Just make sure your map is playable and timed correctly.
3. I will mod your map first , then you mod my map back.
4. Please mod my map back within 1 week , message me if you need some more time.
will add more in the future


1. WIP or Pending is fine.
2. Just make sure your map is playable and timed correctly.
3. The quality of my difficulty really depends on if I like the song or not , I prefer Anime, Drum and bass and Dubstep, of course there are exceptions if I really like your song.
4. I will PM you if I am interested
5. I will start working on the difficulty after I finish all the modding requests
6. Please ACTUALLY let me know if there are ANY issue on my map (by chat or PM), whether you found it or other people found it, I will just treat it like a normal modding and fix it by myself asap.
will add more in the future

M4M map(s) are here

Requests will not be accepted if it didn't follow the rules :)
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epes2001 773
Will do 5 requests for now , please stop when there are 5 requests already
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epes2001 773
ok updated the rules
M4M https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/848992#osu/1775339

Normal and Extra, top diff isn't ready yet. Thanks in advance
You can GD if you like the song (I need a Hard or Insane)
Mak Kau Hijau
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epes2001 773
OK next time I will make the limit more visible CLOSED
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epes2001 773
Open for 7 requests please legit stop at 7 this time thx very much

m4m are pretty much guaranteed yes unless your map is too good (will drop a hype if I have any left)
Hi, NM https://osu.ppy.sh/s/834127
Thanks in advance.
hi, requesting an NM please

thank you
Hi! Could you NM this please?


Thank you very much! ^^
The Ash Raichu

Can I try for an NM?

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