Does Using a tablet + pen make it easier to play osu?

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That's not easier.
And not harder.

You have to practice either on the mouse or tablet, that's the same.

kanye west wrote:

Your playstyle doesn't change how good you are. You either practice and get good or you blame your equipment and suck
it affects how good you are.. well in my case yes. before i had a proper mouse pad, i could only play normal. after i bought my mouse pad i could play hard or even insanes. (Razor Goliathus) it makes my mouse movement smoother and it makes it much easier for me.
A tablet pen would be easier to control as to compare to a big bulky mouse =( (just saying)
- Rikkukun -
With mouse you have better precision.
With tablet you move faster.

Yoshi5189 wrote:

ragelewa wrote:

Anyone taking Soly seriously is just stupid
Meh i just thought his words would prove a point in a way that's all and your calling me stupid for it?

I am surrounded by stupid people.

ragelewa wrote:


I am surrounded by stupid people.
Glad to see i'm not the only one! And i pretty much don't take anyone seriously.
lewa king player

also I want my userpage
well for me i think tablet is more easier than mouse
It depends what suits you more.
ITT: people who have never tried streaming with a mouse.

(i.e. the answer is yes, anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.)
you use mouse draw better or you use pencil draw better ?
I did better once I nailed down how to use my tablet and I had been a mouse user for quite some time with a top of the line G700. I don't know if "easier" is the best word but you make less wasteful movements and spend less energy. Which helps you concentrate more on the game.
Although playing with a mouse was nice, some movements are just really awkward with a mouse. Most beatmaps are basically as simple as drawing a continuous line, something that's pretty hard with a mouse. I mean it's simple, can you draw a line very quickly with a mouse with really good accuracy? Maybe not. Can you do the same with a pencil? You may not be able to do that either, but it doesn't have as steep of a learning curve.
Tablet + pen don't make it easier.. but I have more fun playing with Tablet.
Pretend to have the same skill with a tablet and a mouse. Play a song on hard/insane. Tablet will surely wins for jumps, but mouse will surely wins for streams. It depends on the map. But in most cases yes, it's easier with a tablet.

Maneuver wrote:

you use mouse draw better or you use pencil draw better ?
this guy is so baked

Shellghost wrote:

I bought a tablet + pen, opened up a map, left the pen on the tablet while I got up and made some coffee and came back to seventeen SS HD+DT+FL.
This made me laugh so hard I nearly choked in my apple juice LOL
Soul Rhythm
I think it depends on the person ^^.
Well, for me it is easier to use my tablet :3.
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