osu! ai beatmap generator "osumapper"

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new demo maps: Mystic Pendulum & Kimi to Deaeta Kiseki

Colaboratory (new!): Colaboratory for standard, taiko & ctb / Colab for mania

How to use: Complete guide: creating beatmap using osumapper

1. go to colaboratory page
2. press ctrl+enter in every box of code
3. upload an .osu file with good timing & then the mp3 file when it asks
4. after uploading press ctrl+F10 in the next box, and wait for a few minutes
5. when it finishes it will download an .osu file which is the AI-generated map

source code: GitHub


Beatmap generator in osu! based on Tensorflow / Deep Learning.

Major update v7.0 on 2020/10/31:

- Colaboratory support to make it easier to use
- More & improved mapping algorithms / models
- Added use guide
- Supports all osu! game modes!

Any suggestion / bug report / comment welcomed!
Okay, this is epic
Noice now I can play my favorite songs that are not in osu

(I don't even know how to use this lol the instructiona are too complicated for me)
Yumeno Himiko

Looks actually pretty promising, I had this idea once
Interested in seeing results from various datasets
i used to love lstm
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