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Is there a way to edit a skip at the ending on a Osu!-song?

The map ends whith the last beat but the video isn´t over. I whant the option to whatch the ending after finnishing or skipping whith the skip button like at the beginning at songs.

Is there way? Same nice Mappers out there?
Try pressing space or escape?
press space...

I whant to edit the song in the editor that i can watch the ending of the video.

At this moment i make a beat in the last secound so there is a 2 min break between the ending of the song and the ending of the video. No one whant realy to to play samething like that.

There are beatmaps with a Skip at the ending in my playlist,too.
You can do that through storyboarding.

If you want an example on how to do it, check one of my ranked maps here.

Open the Beatmap's Folder and check the .osb file, you'll need a blank file to do it, like I did on my map.

Good luck!
I think i get it.
By adding a jpg.file in the designe section to the beatmap, thats poping up
in the last seconds the video will be seen untill the ending.

Thanks Andrea.
Your beatmap was quide fun, i felt like Hollidays in Napoli.
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