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A few weeks ago, i wanted to play Osu again, so i started it and played some maps. after a few day, the game crashed my whole pc after playing for slightly over an hour. All i did was restarting my PC and then start again, but it got worse, just now, the game crashed my PC, while i wanted to play the first map for today, so i restarted my whole computer and started osu again, checking if there is something not right with the settings, but it just crashed again, after not even a minute in!

I tested it with other games, some that even needed way more performance, but they worked fine, even after hours. I even tried running Minecraft twice and it worked fine, for 4 hour seasions it had no problem at all, it is only osu, that literly kills my computer...

Does anybody has an Idea what the problem might be?
Can you provide your crash log?

Follow this guide.
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