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Hello everybody,

Apologies if this has been asked in the past before. I have tried searching the forums a bit (no results) but I am too tired after coming home from work and I'd just like some answers.

Basically, it seems my cursor is off-centered/misplaced from where I am actually clicking. This only happens when I'm actually editing any song. Nowhere else. Any idea of what it might be causing it?

I use my native res which is 1366x768 fullscreen. This does not happen on any other resolution regardless of whether it's borderless or not.

Can't provide any screenshot because every software I have for screen capturing does not include my actual mouse pointer on screen.

osu! version: 20180626.1
Try disabling "Map absolute raw input to the osu! window".
Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, the gif you'll see below is after I disabled the raw input.

You can see the mouse is off centered from the note's position and you can see the ripples happening to left of it.

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