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Problem Details:

I started streaming on youtube 7-8 months ago but I switched on twitch because I liked it more. Since 4-5 months I've been in trouble with OBS. When I open OBS and I'm on Osu! my game starts to lag each 15scd with a big pic of lag (making the notes untouchable and it's making me lose), I really want to stream Osu! because it's my main game. I'm streaming League of legends too and never had a lag with this, I think it's a compatibility issue but I'm not sure :< If someone can help me it would be nice

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

Try enabling/disabling compatibility mode.
Already did, and it didn't worked ^^'
Make sure your computer is not overheating, and check your task manager for any RAM/memory over usage as well as your CPU.
I don't think it is overheating, and it seems that when I lag, it's because of the disk C: (which is an SSD) and a bit of the processor which is around 70% or so.
I've got 3Go of RAM which is empty with the stream launched

Edit : I've switched on Streamlabs OBS and it's a bit better, but have lags again :/

Second Edit: My problem was from GeForce Experience, just had to disable it :)
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