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Hey guys OSU keeps signing me off on the app not the website even when I close the game for 1 minute, I have to sign in again and change my settings again and my skins. Was wondering if there is a solution to this problem
Make sure your file .cfg in your osu! folder is named like your computer's account.

It's named "osu!.<insertaccountnamehere>.cfg".
osu doesnt have permissions to edit files in the folder you installed it to, there are 3 solutions:

  1. launch osu as admin, go into options, scroll all the way down, click "repair folder permissions", change something (like skin) and relaunch osu, is it fixed?
  2. move your osu folder to somewhere where it shouldnt require admin perms (documents, desktop..)
  3. go into your osu folder, rightclick osu!pcname.cfg, select properties, uncheck "read only", apply
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