[Osu!Mania] Benelux 4K Tournament [Completed]

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Obligerator wins!

Welcome to the first benelux mania tournament


Since this is a Benelux only tournament only people from Belgium(Be) Netherlands(ne) and Luxembourg(lux) are able to join.
Join the discord server below to see the mappool, when your match start and if needed to reschedule your match.
It's a 4 key tournament
The scoring is based on ScoreV2.
If one player disconnects in the first 10 seconds the map will be replayed again.(by abuse the other person gets the point)
Each person may choose one warm-up map.(less than 4 minutes) In the semi final and in the final match they can be max 6 minutes.
Each person may ban 1 map.
Visual mods and skins are allowed.

The mappool consist of:
4 qualifier maps.
10 nomod maps and a tiebreaker for Best of 16(maybe if we get above 32 also for Best of 32)
12 nomod maps and a tiebreaker for the quarter and semi finals.
14 nomod maps and a tiebreaker for the finals.

Best of 32/16 = Best of 5
Quarter/semi finals = Best of 7
Finals = Best of 9


Date is not confirmed yet when it starts but the sign ups starts now and will be closed after the groupstages are done in MWC


First Place: 1 Year Osu!Supporter
Second Place: 6 Months Osu!Supporter
Third Place: 4 Months Osu!Supporter

Note: This tournament won't be streamed since I host this alone if you want to stream it yourself that's fine and you can put it in the discord.

Click here to join the discord
Cool, going to sign up for sure!
Can't wait for the Bene tourney.
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