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Marry an Anime Character (50+ post count needed)

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Green Platinum
I figured you were spamming all the threads for this
I thought no one really did this anymore

EneT wrote:

I thought no one really did this anymore
Not doing this is like not wanting a Waifu. Who doesn't want a Waifu?

Green Platinum wrote:

I figured you were spamming all the threads for this
Tehe :P
That's half the reason, I'm legitimately interested in the forums now if you'd give me a chance? :D
Rizumu Tenshi

Green Platinum wrote:

I figured you were spamming all the threads for this
But that means he paid attention to the "50+ post count needed", I thought you forgot that.

I still can't believe I have THIS many posts :o
Looks like I need to start making more posts. :D

Adicf wrote:

OzzyOzrock wrote:

I don't know if it's worth posting that my Konata one died. I miss it.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., and cry every night knowing it expired.
its still there, no one took it :\ maybe the problem is just the link to the img
Yeah, the puush expired (even though it was viewed every day ._.)
Need Support maybe..?
still waiting~
Rizumu Tenshi

Verniy_Chan wrote:

Need Support maybe..?
still waiting~
Try watching your favourite anime, while playing osu! and other games...or if you have a Steam account, try to get busy raging with Elodie till you receive the PM. (yes I mean Long Live The Queen)

OK here's a small thing that helps me know whether I received a forum PM or not:
Provided I'm using my Gmail account, I have the setting to be notified via Gmail that I received a forum PM "on".
That helped me in 4 forum PMs I received from a friend I just befriended.

Well today when I woke up, I took a look at the notifications because it's a habit of mine...I noticed Gmail. Could it be Pureinfotech? Could it be osu!? Is it an ad? When I took a look, "osu!" and "Message from "Rio-" (Re: Marry an Anime Character (50+ post count needed))"
I rushed to boot Windows 8.1 (no not 10 Tech Preview) and, the obvious part everybody knows.

Let's wait for the other side, Mikichiyo and Minami Mirei...because Lala SHINES with her aqua eyes, but with Mirei shines MORE. <3
I can't believe the Prism Voice was beyond words :o (well it's a legendary thing, Lala has that :) Heheh~)
Requesting Divorce from Honk i mean Honoka-chwan , and remarrying Hestia from DanMachi (the trend is stronk in this one)

Username: Yuzuru
Character: Hestia
Series or Artist: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka (DanMachi)
Image: BEST WAIFU (tell me if you prefer puush)
Colour/s: White and Blue
Additional things : You're late plebs Make it looks as cute as possible

Plebs, really, you're late ;)

EDIT : changing picture. will notify Rio about this.
Username: Aomi
Character: Namine Ritsu
Series or Artist: UTAU (I guess ?)
Image: ~
Colour/s: Orange (Different shades, like his hair)
Additional things: Something similar to his hat (Example of the hat --->this)

Edit: Changed UTAUloid to UTAU because it's more fitting.
Professor Prinny
Requesting a divorce from Sakuya Izayoi. I'm sorry Sakuya, but I'm moving on... Farewell!

Username: Professor Prinny
Character: Camilla
Series or Artist: Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem if to be more precise)
Image: The Path of Nohr
Colour/s: Purple
Additional things: A dual bladed axe

If the latest FE doesn't count then this one will have to do:

Username: Professor Prinny
Character: Dal Dal Choi
Series or Artist: Girls of the Wild's
Colour/s: Gold
Additional things: A black martial arts belt

Thanks in advance!
Username:Term Akatski
Character:Gasai Yuno
Series:Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)
Colour/s:Black And Red
Additional things:No

Tnx In Advance

Adicf wrote:


And also

MLGnom wrote:

- Mirai Nikki -

Minene Uryū - Toyface
Yuno Gasai - -Kamui-
Green Platinum
It's only Yuno lol

Green Platinum wrote:

It's only Yuno lol
btw, was the pun intended?
Guys don't pick on him, he's only 12 :roll:
didn't know this thread was still alive lol. who deals with the requests now?
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