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Hello boys and girls. I have a problem - cant play slow streams. I can play 190-200, but cant 150-180, cuz very very slow for me. very.

So.. yea.. can you guys help me? how to stream? TEACH PLEASE.

I request tips and easy BEATMAPS for training streams '':o

also, i hate low 7 AR.

playstyle: bamboo pen+blackwidow. z/x for streams

my english poor, i know

Who have the same problem. lets learn together \:D/

thank you guys for this beatmaps for training: ALL HERE ↓ ↓ ↓
kriers wrote:

I recommend alternating for practice

lolcubes wrote:

I used though. It's mapped like 130bpm and it's insanely hard to get awesome accuracy on. The streams aren't long, but if you can hold 99+ accuracy here, streaming low bpm won't be that hard anymore, atleast it wasn't for me.

ragelewa wrote:
I find it easier to stream low bpm if I just increase the force that I smash the buttons with

works pretty fine taking into consideration that I can do stuff like this:

Jalatiphra wrote:

also': play this for improving with slow bpm streams

-Kamui- wrote:
Otherwise i offers that for you :

lolcubes wrote:
You can also try this map here:
Or MENDES, although that one is more about stamina rather than low bpm.

Oh yeah, just adding to the list, a newly ranked map.
Some 120bpm awesomeness haha.

Also try to avoid low OD (7 and under) maps if you want to train your accuracy on, because they give you too much of "free space" where you can be wrong in clicking and still get 300s. Lixaxil is a good example of that problem. But it's not a bad thing to start training on I suppose.


fartownik wrote:
some slow-streamy maps without much jumps, concentrating mostly on streams 141bpm 140bpm 155bpm 144bpm 157bpm 156bpm 132bpm 138bpm, best 1/3 training
also nyancat

just quality stuff, have fun training

ziin wrote:
play this over and over again. Don't forget to download the other 2 diffs at the end of the thread. You'll steadily work your way up from 160 bpm to 200 bpm.
What is your playstyle? Like mouse or tablet?
Also, do you use z/x or click and or tap with x?
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i use z/x for streams. and play z/x only :o .
Maybe you should try tap and x. Works better for me. :3
or go mouse only. Solved problem for me
Alternate 100% of the time. Even on easies. Never 1-key.

or just practice...
Smash buttons
There are only 2 ways in learning something. Either be a natural talent and easely master it or he second way for people who are not so talented is practice. Also a good sense of rhythm helps A LOT.
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thank you guys \:D/
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