[Archived] How do you stop Hand Cramping?

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One of the main reasons I fail maps with a large number of circles and sliders is because my hand cramps from pressing the keys so rapidly. Is there a way to minimize hand cramping?
- Zuramaru -
With enough time, your hand will become stronger and your stamina will increase. It's like when you lift weights or exercise. It'll be really hard at first but it'll come naturally with time.
What helps me is to enjoy the song (which is way easier if you like the song obviously) and go with the rythm naturally instead of focusing really hard on the circles. It makes me focus more on the song instead of what my hand is doing or trying to do. I must admit that going with the rythm 'naturally' will probably be a little difficult at first too, but it'll all come with time and practice :)
its because youre not used to that kind of map.

slowly and surely and you be at least decent the more you play those kind of maps
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