Uhhhh Carlito?

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So I was kinda interested in that Carlito guy,because his voice was rather similar to Dr.Bombay's. And guess what - They are the same person! According to wikipedia,he's an artist who went by the name of Johnny Moonshine,but that was a fail, so he "moved on in search of a newer, more 'annoying' sound."

Anyways. Jonny Jakobsen (real name), born in Sweden (but with Danish citizenship) sang as Johnny Moonshine,afterwards became popular with the fictional character, an indian taxi driver Dr. Bombay,then, a faux-scottish Dr. MacDoo,and finally Carlito (faux-Mexican).

And here are examples of his music style:

I dare ya get him out of yo' head now xD

Dang. This blown my mind so hard that I could not NOT share this with you all.
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