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Welcome to the osu!catch League!
-DISCORD LINK: discord.gg/HtBYSyQ

What is the osu!catch League? (OCL)
- The OCL is a is a league focused on promoting a unique style of competition into the CTB Community.

How does it work?
- The OCL will have Team Owners and Players. Team Owners are responsible for managing their teams roster. Their ultimate goal is to win the Season Championship. Team Owners can manage their roster, draft and sign new players to their team, brand their team with its own colors and logo, and trade players and draft picks to other teams. TEAM OWNERS DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY. However, a Team Owner may play on their team if they wish, but if they do so, they will count as 1 of their 8 players.

How do I get into the League as a player?
- There are two ways. You can enter the Draft at the beginning of every season. The Draft allows players who are not signed to a team to enter a pool of players in which Team Owners will pick from at the beginning of the season. Each Team Owner will pick one player at a time in a randomly selected order to join their team. However, if drafted, a player may not play for any other team unless they are traded.

The other way is to be signed. At any point during the season, a Team Owner can sign a player who is not already owned by a team to their team. However, there will be a set limit as to how many players can be on a team. So in some cases a Team Owner may have to release a player from their team to make room for another player that they want to sign.

How big are teams?
- Teams may have up to 8 players on their roster, however, only 6 will compete in each match.

How are matches going to be run?
- Before a match, Team Owners will be required to submit their rosters for each match. Each team may only play 6 players per match. If a team has 8 players, then 2 of them will not play. This will prevent issues in case team members are unable to make it to a match due to personal reasons or technical difficulty.

- Matches will follow the same format as CWC with a few differences. First, all matches will be Best of 13. (First to 7). It will be 3v3. After 6 rounds, teams will take a mandatory 10 minute Halftime Break. Also, both teams will have the ability to can one 2 minute timeout per match. Must be called by the team captain.

What format will the teams compete in?
- The format used will be similar to what you see in many professional sports. Teams will play a set numbers of matches against each other on a weekly basis in order to qualify for the playoffs at the end of the season.

- The playoffs will be as single elimination series. The winning team is the champion!
Will there be prizes?
- As of now no. But if the League shows promise and begins to thrive, this will change to accommodate the high level of competition and provide an extra motive for players.

This is all just an idea in the making, however my goal is to make this a reality after CWC 2018. Let me know what you think! Feel free to ask any questions!


Also, applications for Team Owners are open! Here's a link

My discord is Dohland#9915

A Moon Gust
I like the idea. How will the matches go? Will it be similar to a tournament setting or will there be a bunch of 1v1s specializing in different maps/mods?
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A Moon Gust wrote:

I like the idea. How will the matches go? Will it be similar to a tournament setting or will there be a bunch of 1v1s specializing in different maps/mods?
It will be similar to that of CWC, However I am thinking of implementing some new features into matches that haven't been seen before. Like timeouts or halftime.
Kitten Viti
This is a super interesting idea, I really hope it works
Wooooo, this is really interesting
Very creative idea
Guess we had the same idea at the same time, haha!
[ M e a k u ]
discord link not valid
This is a good idea that has potential.
I am 100% supporting this
Few concerns about this

1. How do you plan on going about player burnout?

As I'm sure you are aware, player burnout can be a very big thing since not only are matches every week but they are also best of 13 which is a lot. I would suggest using a smaller best of format to follow for regular season matches and then using best of 13 for Season playoffs.
If you look at other eSports such as League of Legends for example they play multiple matches in a day so using a shorter format is extremely beneficial. I am guessing teams would be playing more than one game per day as well.

2. How is map selection decided?

If this is going to play out throughout a season how are you going to decide a Map pool for each week? Will you have dedicated map selectors who's job is to release unique map pools at the start of every week or will teams be able to pick maps at random? The reason I bring up this question is because it is very important to this format if you have dedicated map selectors for every week the maps will need to be unique or else players may tend to get very bored and some may stop playing.

3. How do you plan on keeping players invested in this league?

You are not proposing a tournament, this is a whole league you are planning on structuring and for this to strive at all you need to have dedicated team owners and players who are willing to compete on a weekly basis for spots in playoffs, since the format is something new and interesting I think it will succeed for a little while but once it becomes familiar what is the motivation and drive that you intend to carry out to keep people invested? Since this league is not backed by anyone financially and players aren't under contracts there needs to be some incentive for players to continue playing.

4. Why is there no prizes?
When I ask this I'm not talking about Badges or supporter tags I mean real cash prizes, something that teams really want to strive for. Prize pools can always be crowd funded which is primarily what the CWC does for their prize pools, introducing a system like this would be highly beneficial as it would help the league grow and interest more and more players.

5. Are owners able to "buy in"?

A system where owners are able to Buy in meaning playing actual cash for a higher pick priority when signing players would be a really good system as it would be good to raise money for league prize pools instead of having it just be random which I feel shouldn't be how it works. This would mean team owners who buy in get higher pick priority where team owners who don't put forward any money will be toward the bottom of the pick order.

6. How long are players limited to a team?

You mentioned a draft phase and trading players but is there a maximum time a player can play on a team before becoming a free agent? Are all players made free agents at the end of the season/year and then teams go through picking again? The way I suggest this to work is that players at the end of each season should be made free agents and then depending on the team's performance in the last season should determine the pick order. The reason I am suggesting this is because if a team sticks with the exact same roster without teams getting any chance to pick those players the tournament can become very stale.

7. How do you intend to introduce new talent into the league?

What determines a players eligibility to be selected into the league? Will there be a list of all the available candidates for teams to select from? How do player signups work will there be any criteria for signing up?

8. How are team owners decided/how many teams will be allowed in the league?

Who determines what teams are accepted into the league and what teams are denied? Also how is this determined at all? Are there any requirments to become a team owner or is it just whoever signs up? If there are a ton of teams it would be quite hard to get games scheduled as well as getting each team to play eachother unless you plan on having teams in groups and the top of each group move on to the playoffs.

Though this is still an idea if you truly plan on having this strive you will need to hit some of these problems early so that they dont cause any bigger problems later on.
Overall I really like this idea and if it is implemented correctly I can see this being the main league that CTB players look for, P.S. discord link is expired.
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