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Hey there! I wasn't sure this was the right place to ask this (apologies if it isn't, just let me know where to post this if that's the case!), but as the title states, is there other ways to connect a Wii tatacon controller to the PC that isn't bluetooth? Specifically some kind of adapter?
I've been Googling around for the past few days and I couldn't find much of anything (it seems people just go with the bluetooth option, or whatever they do to connect it never had problems, hence, no posts about it).

I do have one of those Mayflash Wii classic controller adapter lying around, would anyone know if that would work and how to set it up? Like, I tried plugging that in to see if it would and it detects it (via "Dual Box WII"), but my computer (or the adapter) doesn't seem to detect the Tatacon controller connected to it, at least I don't think it is? I tried messing around with JoyToKey but I couldn't really figure it out how to map out the buttons (although again, it might just be the issue of the Tatacon not being picked up).
Maybe its a driver issue? I'm not entirely sure, so I couldn't tell you.

And yes, I have heard and seen the post here: t/258400
I actually messaged monty earlier in the week regarding the adapter to see if he/she was still selling them, but unfortunately wont be for a while.

So yeah, if anyone knows other ways to connect it somehow that works or has worked for you in the past, or maybe know how to get that Mayflash adapter working, feel free to let me know!
Thank you so much again if anyone could help!~
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