CTB International Tournament IV [WINNER: AutoLs]

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Catch The Beat International Tournament IV
Beginning April 7, 2018!
Registration is currently closed!
Total Players: 87/128.

Important Links

Discord Server:
Spreadsheet (Map Pools, Participants, etc.): None yet.
Registration Form: Closed


Hello there! Welcome to the fourth installment of the Catch the Beat International Tournament. Every year, I'm proud to present the stage in which the worlds' best square off in a 1 on 1 setting for tournament glory. Last year, reigning champion Crystal sought to defend his title against the new blood in chickenbible, ultimately prevailing and maintaining his crown with a close score of 7 - 6. Crystal remains the most successful competitor in this tournament, maintaining a winning streak of 2.

If you're looking to apply as a Referee / Streamer / Commentator, please post down below or contact me directly. Map Selection team will be hand picked, (as always), by myself.

Tournament Details

The current title holder is Crystal

OCT CTB International Tournament I : lineqtxz 6 - 5 dika312
CTB International Cup II : Crystal 7 - 1 - N a g i -
CTB International Cup III : Crystal 7 - 6 chickenbible

  1. Profile Badge of "CtB Cup 4 Winner!" for 1st place (Not Confirmed)
  2. Undetermined amount of supporter for positions 1-3. (Not Confirmed)


  1. Score will be calculated in ScoreV2
  2. Group Stage of 64 players
  3. Each group holds 4 players
  4. The top 16 players will be considered "Top Seed", followed by 16 "High Seed", "Low Seed", and "Unseeded" players.
  5. Each group will have one player from each category, completely randomized.
  6. The categories of seeding are organized by rank. This is about as objective as a seeding system can be.
  7. Top 2 from each group will advance, with 1st seeds playing vs. 2nd seeds of other groups in Round 1 Bracket Stage.
  8. The bracket will be Double Elimination.

Registration / Requirements

  1. By joining, you are committing to the timeframe of the tournament (within reason), and promising to do everything in your power to play at the scheduled times.
  2. You must be between ranks 1-1000 to join.
  3. The matches will only be played on weekends.
  4. You must not have any cheating or multiaccounting infringements on your account, nor any MAJOR silences. This judgement will be left up to the tournament staff at the time of your admittance.
  5. You can no longer register for this tournament.

  1. For reference, you can click this link
  2. Group Stage will take place over the weekend of April 7-8, during which all matches must be played.
  3. Winner's Round 1 will take place on April 14.
  4. Loser's Round 1 will take place on April 15.
  5. Winner's Round 2 will take place on April 21.
  6. Loser's Round 2 and 3 will take place on April 22.
  7. Winner's Round 3 will take place on April 28
  8. Loser's Round 3 and 4 will take place on April 29.
  9. Winner's Round 4 (Semifinals) will take place on May 5
  10. Loser's Round 5 and 6 will take place on May 6.
  11. Winner's Round 5 (Finals) and Loser's Round 7 (Loser's Finals) will take place on May 12.
  12. Loser's Grand Finals (Round 8) and Grand Finals (Winner's Round 6) will take place on May 13.

Map Rules

Mapset Selection Rules (Staff and participants)

2. When selecting DOUBLETIME, both players are allowed to pick DTHD (or DTHR for the people with AR11 eyes)
3. When selecting HARDROCK, both players are allowed to play with HDHR if they desire.
4. 2 Maps must be banned by each player.
5. Players are allowed to pick more than one map from each mod pool. (No mod restrictions)
6. The TIEBREAKER map is treated as freemod.

In-Game Rules

1. Any type of BM or ill will towards opponents will have you immediately disqualified from this tournament, whether it be in lobby, through PM, or any outside source.
2. You are allowed 15 minutes after the match start time to show up for your match. Please be reminded that sometimes we will be ahead or behind schedule, so please plan accordingly.
3. In the event of a no-show, the player will be given a maximum-score win over the opponent.
4. If you are disrespectful to the referee or any other tournament official, you will be immediately disqualified from this tournament.
5. If you disconnect from the match lobby, we will count the map as a loss, even if the opponent agrees to a rematch. If you are able to screenshot proof that it was a bancho error, we will replay the map.
6. If you quit the lobby out of rage or otherwise, we will immediately disqualify you from the tournament.
7. Failure to at least come to a compromise of a time to play at will result in the DQ of both players. Please be respectful and note that not everyone can play at the perfect time for you.

Map Pools

Nothing is here yet!

Staff Team

Tournament Host:

Tournament Co-Host:

Referee Team:
Ascendance | Californian

Sartan | JBHyperion | Goblin

Map Selection Team:
JBHyperion | Ascendance | Spectator | alienflybot | Del | Zak
Feel free to
HYPE I WILL JOIN IN aand i can be referee
unlimited hype works
I'd like to join but got silenced from submitting a meme map before :(:cry:
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AutoLs wrote:

I'd like to join but got silenced from submitting a meme map before :(:cry:
You're good to go :)
good luck o/
looking forward to participants' great performance :D
good luck!
- N a g i -
I hope for 128 players.
im game
good luck ;3
~ Crystal good luck to you too,good job on winning last tournament. ~
You got my respect ;)
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sign-ups for a 64-player tournament are half filled! really nice progress for only 2 days. glad people retained interest in 1v1 competition <:
quick, give me 500 ranks!!!!
hey just wondering why the match are going to be played with score v1, score v2 is way more fair tho

eldnl wrote:

hey just wondering why the match are going to be played with score v1, score v2 is way more fair tho
yeah this, losing because you don't like hr with hd is not cool

Skyleia wrote:

eldnl wrote:

hey just wondering why the match are going to be played with score v1, score v2 is way more fair tho
yeah this, losing because you don't like hr with hd is not cool
or losing against someone with a lot more misses but a miracle of a combo

edit: fast answer :o
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We'll discuss it and come to a conclusion on v1 vs. v2 before the tournament begins. Both systems have benefits to them that can't really be decided by one person alone.
- N a g i -
the way of picking maps is quite different between ScoreV1 and ScoreV2.H A I T A I W H E N
if you pick troublemaker everything will be daiboju
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