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Problem Details: Ok so when i finish a map i cant see my replays and some maps all of a sudden dont have theyre songs and i cant play them cant even reinstall them but the big problem is the fact that i cant see replays of songs i have finished

Video or screenshot showing the problem:


osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
We cannot see files that are saved locally on your computer. You will need to upload the picture to an image/file sharing site, for example: imgur.
Sorry my bad here https://imgur.com/CSFGraE
Have you checked your computer for viruses? Do you have an antivirus software that could be preventing osu! from performing certain tasks? Where do you have osu! installed?

Correct me if I misinterpreted, after playing certain songs randomly the audio would disappear?
osu! does not randomly delete files which leads me to believe something else is.

Make sure osu! is not installed to a temporary folder and in the options menu press the button "repair folder permissions".
No viruses and i have windows defender as my antivirus but i havent been touching any of that ever the game all of a sudden decided to get bugged and no not like that rather i cant play the songs from the song list cause it says the audio file is missing and it kinda gliches the game when i click it and dosnt do anything and again i have not been moving files or anything just happened.Ok i played for a bit and osu is just starting to lag in the menu says there was a error but it will try to keep running.

Edit: i played this map and missed like 2 times but this is what it says https://imgur.com/WXX02jX
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