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Jay Chou - Tornado (Long Juan Feng, in Mandarin), I cannot use Traditional Chinese for the song name because it cannot be displayed inside the game.

Jay Chou is a Taiwanese singer and this is a Mandarin (Chinese) song.
Since I am a Chinese (Hong Kong) I hear many Cantonese and Mandarin songs, and I like this song very much. So when the beta version is released I make this beatmap.

Without any musical background, I tried my best to make this beatmap fun to play. Enjoy~

This beatmap is not very hard, I have an earlier version of this song which is much harder but I don't think a moderate tempo song should have hard difficulty. With some practice I can get full combo. This song is very easy at the beginning, gradually becoming harder in the latter part.

No matter you know the meaning of the lyrics or not, or you aren't familiar with this language (I don't know where you guys/ladies come from), it is my chance to share this song. Thanks =)

(26 Sept 2007)
2nd version has been made!
Major changes starts from the middle part to the end of the song. Also the timing is slightly improved.
EDIT: Jay Chou - Tornado (Long Juan Feng) (updated to latest)
I'll sort out the file names to be more 'Western Friendly' :lol: This way everyone can try out your beatmap without any troubles.

I'll upload it to the server for you in the .osz format.
I've upped the .osz file and modified the link in your original post :)
No need for you to download it, it's really to make it easier for other people, as some people might not have the correct language support.

Very nice song and beatmap! I like! :D
Well done on that. I feel the timing is probably a few milliseconds out by the end, but I noticed you did some adjusting manually which probably made up for this.

Keep it up!
[deleted user]
Excellent chart, it has some really nice slider work put into it. It doesn't seem to much out at the end for me but who knows. It follows the song really well and is enjoyable to play, also the song choice was nice. 4 suggestions though

- More of a personally preference but I think the sliders were a bit too fast for the style of the song. But don't worry about changing it now since you would have to replace all the sliders in the song and basically ruin all the nice work.

- I'm not sure if this is true but all the sliders seem to be using the Catmull-Rom curve type. Even though you made very good sliders if you wanted the curves to be smoother rather than a corner you can switch the type to Bezier in the Options menu.

- The ending section is slightly too hard compared to the rest of the song making it feel out of place. But this is probably because I really suck at holds with the mouse :P

- It got better as the song went on but the first minute or two of the song was probably a slight bit too repetitve for my liking. It's a good thing you flipped or mirrored the patterns to add variety though.

Overall I would give this probably a 7.5 maybe 8 out of 10! Great job
Great feedback there MCXD - I thought most of the things you said while playing this map, but didn't have time to write such a detailed response.
Being a Jay Chou fan, it's awesome to see someone make a Jay Chou beatmap. I was surprised that such a slow tempo song would be difficult (for me). I agree with peppy that the timing seems slightly off, but otherwise, it's a great beatmap.

I was just thinking about beatmapping Jay Chou! I might make a beatmap for Jay Chou's Ninja or another of his songs when uni doesn't take up so much of my life. Also, I might have the video for this song somewhere, maybe I'll pass it onto peppy in the future.
Nice to see some Jay on here :D

Very nice map. As MCXD said, it may be a little repetitive, but it's still quite challenging. I'm glad map makers aren't neglecting the slower paced songs even though the game is probably more suited to faster songs with strong beats.

Looking forward to seeing more Chinese/HK stuff from you. Maybe some Jacky? ;)

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Strongly thanks for all replies, I am glad to see many feedbacks! :D

Yes the timing is not very accurate. I adjusted the bpm for number of times and still can't make it perfect... I am not good at beat counting =[
I will modify the beatmap so not to make it too repetitive and make the last part a little bit easier !~
Nice map - good to see multi cultural music!

Keep up the good work. :D
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2nd version is ready. Please see the top
I think the timing for the new version is not right. Try changing the offset to -50; it worked much better for me on that setting.

Also in future, if your mp3 file is the same, there is no need to upload it again - just upload the new .osu file ;)

I like the changes you've made to the beatmap!

eyup - wanna attach the retimed version? That way we can repackage and upload as an osz for people grabbing for the first time.
The original mp3 had a different name /I think/
Well I had to rename it to:
Jay Chou - Tornado.mp3

Just a heads up.
I have updated the osz file in the first post including eyup's change and fixing the mp3 filename in the osu file.
[deleted user]
Thanks for your share~

but it too difficult~~
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Thanks for fixing the timing problem!
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would any moderator help me to change the map author back to "fruit"? I want to use the name in this forum instead =(


Oh I did it myself.
with use of uploader, this is the corrected version.

would any moderator help to change the beatmap to this corrected on inside "official beatmap listing " thread ? thanks
Thanks for your help =]

That list will be history very soon ^^.
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