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Hey there :D

so Ive got a CTL480 back again, Ive been playing with it 3 years ago and then Ive had a super long break so Ive sold it...what I wanna say is: Ive used to play a lot on it in the past.

However, now I have the trouble figuring out a proper map area again (found a good one) and how to play comfortable on it.

Ive used to play on my wrist (like picture 1), rather than on my palms (picture 2), I also write like picture 1.
However, playing on my wrist like on picture 1 gives me better accuracy but it feels way more uncomfortable.
If I switch to the palm grip, like picture 2, it is way more comfortable but during my practice session on a map with super fast long jumps (5.25*) I naturally switched to the wrist grip without noticing, probably to improve my accuracy lil quick. This happens sometimes on other maps that are quite at the edge of my current skill (around 5.2-5.4 stars)

Also, it's rly difficult for me to hold my pen "relaxed", meaning I squeeze the shiet out of it, leading to pain in my hand, fingers and wrist.

I wanted to ask you guys if you have any suggestions how to naturally get used to the palm grip as well as naturally holding the pen, relaxed and smoothly.

I think "PLAY MORE" without changing anything won't help ;D

thanks for any advice :D


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Honestly, you don't have a too high of a playcount. In this case, playing more is what will help, just use whatever grip is comfortable and stick with it for a while.

edit: playing with an uncomfortable playstyle enough may make it feel comfortable eventually, something to keep in mind.
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xD don't look on my playcount, it's the 2nd day now with my new tablet so "play more" is certainly another variable that I have to take care of.

However, there is always a strategy to make things better and faster, so as Ive said, advice such as "drop your pen after each map and naturally grip it back again"
Do what feels good.
If you want to play with your pen more "relaxed" then angle it more. Gripping the pen straight like that you will naturally tend to grasp it tighter. If you angle it more then it will rest against your index finger (near the knuckle) and then you don't need to grip onto it hard.
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Ive been doing some exercises which Dr. Levis Herrison teaches on his YouTube channel, it really helped to hold the pen more relaxed as well as maintaining a certain grip.
On top of that, my aim did improve so I think doing these exercises as well as playing more will fix the problem :D thanks for all your advices
i squeeze the shit out of my pen and my tablet's really worn down from 6 months of play. im on my third pen tip. honestly im not planning to improve my grip; while it does strain my wrist after a while, im comfortable with it and i cant aim without my palm grip.
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I think what ever makes you hit the circles, is fine :D
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