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Hello everyone, I hope i'm in the right forum !

So i'm having trouble for a long time now with my tablet area and my grip, before I had something fixed but I did a break with osu! and when I came back I started to change everything.

I try to find a comfortable area which allow me to reach corner(especially bottom right and top left).

The problem is that I want an area with enough height and not too much horizontal because I can't aim properly horizontally, my aim is shaky or curvy sometime with horizontal mouvement(be aware that I'm dragging not hovering). But if I keep the "forced proportions" things I can't, apparently it limits the height at a certain level and I have to increase the horizontal portion so that it increases my area horizontaly + verticaly. My tablet is a ctl-460(not a big fan, I would like a ctl470-471 or 480)

I was about to post a big thread with multiple questions, but I gave up because it was too big in my opinion. There's picture and stuff explaining in details everything, like my grip my tablet area.

But the main problem I was explaining is that when I find a good area one day and then I stop playing for like 4 days and I come back, then I feel like it's completely different and therefore I change it again, most of the time I feel like it's too fast, I would say after 1 hours it's better but still, I don't know if this is normal that it feels like this.

So for the questions :

Apparently if I disable "forced proportions", the height problem is solved, so I can make it as high as I want.
But here is my question : is there any disadvantages playing without "forced proportions" ?
Everyone recommend it but I can't have the area I wish if I enable this :/...

Here are 2 pictures to compare both forced and no forced ... -area2.png (no forced) (forced, notice how high the area is)

Also how do you know when a grip isn't right for you ? I don't know if it's just practice or if my area+grip doesn't fit together, so I can't fix anything, most often the problem is when notes are at the bottom right or top left. In theory I can reach all corner but when I play a map it's another story...

Last weird question : Hovering looks more comfortable for the hand's mouvement(so reaching corner, back and fort) but way harder to aim it's shaky and curvy, should I "force" myself to switch to hovering ?

Once, I was consistent, my tablet area was smaller, but it was fix as well as my grip, but since I came back and I wanted to make it larger everything went wrong.
Sorry for asking basic questions, but i'm stuck for now a long time, i'm aware that some player often change area like Cookiezi or Rustbell, but I would like to have one fixed at first and becoming good with it.Also maybe I'm getting better but I don't even notice it, the problem is when you constantly watch high ranked player, it makes you feel really bad and so I guess you don't even see your progression., I don't know.

Thanks in advance.
Radiant Rayv
I wouldn't recommend using a tablet without forced proportions. It makes it so that your pen movement isnt 1 to 1 with whats happening on the screen. Without forced proportions, if you make a square motion on the tablet, your cursor will go in a rectangle or some other parallelogram depending on angle. When you aim jumps with certain angles in game, you will have to aim them with different angles IRL, and even that depends on the orientation of the notes on screen.

Basically, its probably not gonna be the best way to get better.

As for hovering, you can definitely just try and see how it works for you. You can also try hovering from circle to circle, then tapping your pen when you get there, like some players do.
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Thanks for the anwser

Well, the current grip I have, need to have less horizontal mouvementor at least keep it as it is now, and more vertical but I have like 2-3 others grip that I can play with, , and I can handle the vertical speed with all of them but only move horizontaly with 1 of them, but it's unfortunate because I really like the other grips(shown in the picture), but I can only play it without forced proportion else I have to add horizontale portion(so it adds vertical portion) and my grip isn't adapted for large horizontale mouvement.

I'll take in consideration what you said about it, I'll keep my area with forced proportions, I'll play with another grip and see what happens.

Do you think that if I an other tablet such as ctl 470,471 or 480 I would have the same problem ? Or should I be able to have a more accurate area ?

Nowaday it's almost impossible to find any of these tablets, but I saw the ctl 471 which I would like to haves. Also I believe you can enter coordinates of the area. But it's not my priority at the moment.
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