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When I alt+tab from the game and get back, osu get's frozen. Although when i move mouse or press buttons i can control the game, just it shows a frozen frame.
I got the same problem 30min ago, i can't Alt+Tab when i launch the game with a Nvidia graphic processor.
Maybe osu! conflicts with Nvidia, because i have several games i launch with Nvidia and i didn't get any problem now by doing Alt+Tab
- Zuramaru -
Same here. I've been playing in windowed mode because of this.
same here.. playing on windowed is a pain
Niko Kinu
Same thing is happening with me as well ;-;
what if you use the windows key to exit to desktop instead?
- Zuramaru -
Everyone who has this problem who also has Discord. Try disabling the game overlay. That fixed it for me.
Niko Kinu
Fixed the problem for me atm. I did a roll back from the latest version of windows.
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