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I slightly broke the user login system for names with spaces and will look at fixing it today.

abalee wrote:

it...automatically uppercase my username's first letter...
I wil see what I could do there and keep translation,that could be done even I am at work xD
I can login, and same problem with abalee, it shows Wmfchris rather than wmf...
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That is how mediawiki works. I am looking at whether it is feasible to change this, but for now just bear with it please.
Are we allowed to further edit some content that's already there? I feel IRC isn't as informative as it could be.
of course you are, that's the entire point of a wiki
Okay, I think we need to split up the Distance Snap and Spacing pages. For some odd reason, the Distance Snap page serves as the Spacing page, and this really makes little sense; the Distance Snap feature is a feature that suggests a spacing for you, while Spacing is simply the distance between two hit objects and is something you can write entire essays on. The distance snap spacing is not necessarily always the ideal spacing, and therefore combining the two pages is just confusing.

Also working on the Mapping Techniques page. I'll finish it up after Wednesday if it's still not done by then.
Wow... It doesn't let me connect anymore, I could before but now, I can't.

Function: User::addToDatabase
Error: 1062 Duplicate entry '_gezo_' for key 'user_name' (localhost)

I got this.

The French Taiko entry page for it will wait a little :l
looks like it's your user lol (contains _ )
totally added more stuff. this wiki thing is cool
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I believe to have fixed the issue with usernames with underscores/special charaters. Please note that your wiki usernames will still have a capital first letter, but this is something I am willing to live with for now.

Report back if you are still having any problems.
Santa Claw
Question -- will it be a problem if I wanted to add a hebrew translation, since it's a right-to-left language?
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Give it a try and see how it goes.
Rei Hakurei
wait... why "ReiFan49" instead of "Rei_Fan49" ?
also, i can't login using "Rei Fan49" (previous ID) D:

1. is my previous ID was deleted ?
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Usernames as a result may have changed slightly. I am not sure if this will be the final implementation, but I don't think changes this early in the wiki setup will be too harmful.
I'm noticing that capitalization is a little inconsistent for example "Ranked beatmaps" and "Pending Beatmaps" which one is generally better to use?

Also, should the wiki be written informally with things such as "Don't worry!" and/or "Delicious normal difficulties"?
I've added a bunch of stuff to the Storyboarding category. I know I've been out of practice for a while, so feel free to correct what I wrote if it's wrong.
I was wondering, with capitalization again, should "Ranking criteria" be "Ranking Criteria" because it's "THE" Ranking Criteria
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Titles generally should use Capitals for Most Words.
Princess God
AxE DemonAngel
I think I could help in translating stuff to Bahasa Indonesia :3 I would be glad to help and take part in any of these actually :3
just do it then.
continue here -> t/68479
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