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That means hello in korean :D

no, I am not korean.
no, I am a manly man.
yes, I have fallen in love with dahyun <3
and also with osu!

I've been playing rhythm games for years, and started playing osu mania early 2017,
but only started to play osu last week. having so much frustration retrying the same beatmap again and again to get an acceptable score fun already!

never have I been this committed to improving on a rhythm game before, so I think I'll be playing a lot more.
see ya'll in osu!
Jazz hands and dahyun... idek if i can ship it

avatar is pretty cute tho, welcome
Welcome to osu! Not many Twice songs in the osu! world. Hopefully that will change though (although I’m not the biggest fan). I’m more of a moo moo. But Dahyun is certainly my favorite (closely followed by Chaeyoung)
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