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Hello guys,

So I downloaded osu! and everything, so i now i want to download beatmaps.

The only problem is I cant seem to STAY LOG IN. Everytime i log in and go to a different page, I am automatically logout and needs to relog again.

For example, I log in at the Home page. Then, I clicked on the Beatmaps->Ranked. When the page loads up, I am no longer log in. Hence, I cannot download the beatmaps that require log in. Everytime I do, it asks me to log in again which is a pain.

Please help me. I tried to disable the browser caching but the problem still persists.
Similar to topics like this so you can look for solutions there as well

Depending on what browser you are using the options will look slightly different, but first go onto the options tab and make sure you have cookies enabled. Also do you have any proxy running that could be causing problems?
Sorry but I cant seem to solve this problem.

The link too didnt help much.

Thanks but...

Man, I really thought this game would be awesome.

Do not use Chrome or IE8.

Use firefox.

Dont know why but it works and i can fully download anything here.

Seems to be a regional issue. Not sure why it's happening.
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