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Problem Details:

About my osu! standard profile
There are major errors in my profile in the ranks. (as of this post)
I am to have no S or A ranks as of yesterday and now all the sudden out pops a couple in each section!
These were never there as from previous days as well and I am not liking what I'm seeing now.
I feel my account may have been hacked or tampered with within the past 24 hours of me not being on.
The amount of SS ranks is also wrong since last night I had well over 2250 SS and now it shows 2215?
That is over 40 SS ranks suddenly disappearing out of no where!

Please let me know what could be done or fixed because I know what I should have.
I have been playing for a while now and I always check my stats to make sure they look right and today was one
of the worst eyesores I have seen in my days of playing.

If an admin or dev. have to manually fix it then by all means do so, I just want my profile back to the way it was.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: Look at my profile in the ranks section.

osu! version: 20171215.2 (latest)
I really don't see how it's possible to suddenly lose SS's regardless if someone somehow messed with your account. It's probably just an error on the site as the SS, S, and A counts have been known to be inaccurate/change, but I may be wrong. Regardless, I don't think the staff can do much.
It looks as though they fixed up the SS/S/A counts last night. There was a glitch that allowed them to get doubled up before but it looks like they have been recalculated.
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