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Mouse player trying to switch to tablet

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Chef Fizzical
Hi im about a 2,600 PP mouse player but I want to try switching to tablet. I have played for a long time with mouse and every time i try to make the switch to my tablet i only last about a week of playing for a few hours per day with it and get fed up with it and go back to mouse because i really dont see much progress with it no matter how many times i try to make the switch.

Should i just go back to mouse yet again, or do i just keep trying and give it longer and eventually it'll just click or something idk. Mouse i have a lot of fun too and it isnt so much fun when i go to tablet and cant even pass things anymore that i almost fc on mouse
Pls enjoy game.
Patience is a virtue

It takes time to get used to tablet, but it's ultimately your choice
Play whatever is most fun. Tablet is not a direct upgrade from mouse.
Set the active area to the approximate range you move your mouse. If that doesn't work then just keep at it. Play easier maps until you get a hang of how a tablet handles.

All of your muscle memory will be gone once you make the move, so don't get discouraged so easily.
stay mouse is also a option, lol
I'm still a newbie, but when I switched to tablet a few days ago, I didn't do that well too. But idk how, a few days later, when I made my perfect settings, I started to do better scores with the tablet, then with my mouse.

So, it's your opinion, I can't say much more.
Try experimenting with different tablet areas then find the most comfortable one and practice until you get used to it
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