My cursor keeps freezing

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Vuelo Eluko

winber1 wrote:

xxjesus1412fanx wrote:

is windows ink checkmarked in wacom preferences?
i know that causes cursor freezes when the tablet touches the pen on windows 7

also, in the future consider using the help forum 5
i just drag and it fixes the problem :/
yeah that would fix it to be honest, but whenever you tap the tablet with your pen, it freezes??? disable windows ink
Download more ram.
Sandy Hoey
Make sure to get the right kind though
since you said you are playing with touch pad and are running osu! at 9k fps, consider giving more information about the issue so we can help you.
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Uhh, no i play with mouse and keyboard '-'
are you sure your mouse isn't trash
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It's a Multilaser Wireless mouse that i bought for $40 :?
Sandy Hoey
Wireless is bad for osu! because all wireless devices innately have delay associated with them as well as sometimes having freezing issues
Try any wired mouse you have lying around and see if your issue persosts
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I dindn't find any mouse, oh well, guess i'll buy a pen soon, using mouse was painful enough for me. :x
I point at my screen with a laser pointer
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Well, i don't have one :/
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