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I'm 13 and welcome to Osu!
I'm 12 bro.
sadly i'm 17 :(
welcome to osu anyway!


I'm 13 and i'm looking for someone my age to play with and have some fun.
I'm 13 (I'm getting 14 in 4 days thought ^^)
I'm 13

DJ Enetro wrote:

Emm... I’m 15 so hat doesn’t count sadly
Ryoid doesn’t either, he’s 14.
Welcome either way :(
He right and late respond lol
Welcome to the forum!
...Seems like I wont be included. I'm 14 as well. That's fine.

Uhm, I don't exactly understand the reasoning behind only wanting to play with people your age, unless its something that has to do with a similar mindset that you'd easily relate to. I don't particularly mind who I play with, though I tend to befriend somewhat older people. Anyways, it shouldn't really be any of my concern, but... yeah.

Welcome to the forums. :D
ME! I am 12 years old :)
Hey there!
I don't really fit your demo as I'm 18 in a few months.
As people above me have stated, there is quite a large young demographic here - I do believe you will be better off seeking people of a similar psychographic however!
That's just advice though, you're free to pick and choose who ya want to speak to!
Welcome to the Osu community!
hey i'm 12 aslkfjfl
Welcome to osu!
People of all ages play this game, youngest I've seen was 12 years old?
I'm 15 though so sorry :<
Just look around, you'll find some people to play with.
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