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Problem Details:
The approach circle in the default skin is not a circle but an ellipse. Though the approach ellipse in the default skin is almost a circle, it hinders some mappers from creating perfect blanket.

After all, an ellipse is an ellipse, you cannot say it is a circle.
Well TJ ""Henry"" Yoshi

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
The size of approach circle in default skin

You can see it is 126px x 128px.

The size of hit circle in default skin

This is perfect circle though.
The default skin is obtained from https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/129191

Following is a map that demonstrate such inconsistency.
The map is https://osu.ppy.sh/s/402741, CS changed to 7 to make the problem stands out more obviously.

The objects related are 01:54:946 (4,5) -
Exact timestamp is 01:54:923

As you can see, the space between approach circle and the slider is larger in the middle of the slider than at the head of the slider. Which makes an unintended imperfect blanket.

The following is the same place using a skin whose approach circle is a circle

There is a trend in Chinese mapping community using default skin to map. So I guess this is a real problem.
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