DanceDanceRevolution A osu!mania Beatmaps Pack

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DanceDanceRevolution A Beatmaps Pack
for osu!mania only

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  1. Be A Hero! / Yuki Nakashima
  2. Koi no puzzle magic - Tokimeki Idol project Rhythmixxx
  3. Strawberry Chu Chu - Tokimeki Idol project Cookie Paradise
  4. More One Night / Chito (CV Minase Inori), Yuuri (CV Kubo Yurika)
  5. Rinnetensei / Mafumafu
  6. Luminous Days / CocoNatsu
  7. Haru ichiban / Tokimeki Idol project
  8. Shakariki relation / Tokimeki Idol project Akiha Yuki
  9. Tatakae! Dadandarn V / Tokimeki Idol project
  10. Welcome to the Japari Park / Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP

The moment you all have been waiting for has finally arrived. The newest installment of DanceDanceRevolution finally gets an osu!mania Beatmaps Pack just for you. It contains all 89 new songs, plus some Co-Op charts and brand new BG Effect sequences for songs that had none in the original game. Go grab that dance mat and start dancing!
Thank you very much. I've been wanting to play some DDR charts, especially the newer ones. This one saves me tons of time.
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You're welcome. I have made new updates to the pack.
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