Will Specialty Tourney #4 Closed!!!

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Welcome To the 4th tour of Will specialty tournament [W4ST]

Discord [Required to join] (everything happens here) | God Spreadsheet

[b]Notice: Due to the fact that some songs in mappool may have explicit content/language, i recommend that all players who register be ages of 13 and over (this won't really be enforced, but you've been warned)

  1. Welcome to the most gimmicky tournament in osu!
  2. Tournament is a 2v2 tourney for rank ranges 2.5k-20k and 25k to 70k using Scorev1
  3. The tournament mainly focuses around the skill aspects of the EZ and FL mods, as well as the other mods, no mods, and combo mods. Our expert mappoolers make it so that EZ and FL maps work well in a tournament aspect. Meaning that even if you aren't great at those mods you can still play competitively well against your opponents (Most people that enter the tournament aren't experienced with them, so even if you're not great you still have a fair chance)
  4. There are also 9 maps from hidden, hard rock, free mod (with or without DT) and combo mods to help you carry if you legit can't play EZ/FL. Excluding tiebreaker, there are 15 maps total
  5. We select a good variety of map styles, making WST famous for it's diversity, attracting players from all walks of osu! life including pp farmers, rank farmers, tech savvies, DT, HD, HR, FL, EZ, SO, Scorev3, etc players, cookiezi fanboys, -gn fanboys, and millhioreF :P
  6. Schedulings are versatile and will easily be able to fit into a busy schedule, you can play matches on fridays, saturdays, sundays, and mondays at any time
  7. We will take up to 24 teams per rank bracket, and 32 can sign up (cut off information below)
  8. Every team will be able to have at least 1 match even if they don't make cutoffs, after cutoffs are 5 group stages guaranteeing every team who gets past cutoffs 5 matches, after group stages are the Double elimination rounds.

  1. November 17th: Registration ends
  2. November 17th: cut off and practice matches
  3. November 24th: Group stages start... group stage every weekend until december 22nd
  4. December 25th: [separate] (optional) Individual single room christmas songs lobby (for fun, can play even if eliminated)
  5. Weekend of december 29th: Holliday break
  6. January 5th 2018: round 1 elims
  7. January 12th: round 2 elims
  8. January 19th: round 3 elims
  9. january 26th: Losers final then Grand finals

Match Procedures

  • Really just the typical tournament stuff
  1. It is a Bo9, first to 5 wins, tiebreaker is played when score is 4-4
  2. Do your !roll and highest number bans first and picks first, you have 2 bans per team
  3. you will play on scorev1
  4. There is no limitation on how much of what kind of maps you play, you may play all the FL maps or no FL maps if you desire, however at least 1 map per category must be available
  5. You may use up 1 of your bans to unban a map the other team has banned (can only unban once). A map that has been unbanned can not be banned a second time.
  6. Captains will do rolling and tell ref what the team wants to ban/unban and play, if captain is not available then player #2 will take privileges, if #2 isn't available then #3 will, and if player 3 isn't available either your team will get rescheduled to take a loss, 1v1s won't be working out here (you can do 2v1 if you want though, idrc)

Team tips and regulations

  • To keep a team from getting too much power, there are a little bit of regulations
  1. no more than 2 players on a team can be overly stacked (if you're in doubt you can ask admin, mostly likely you'll be okay though) (i.e. a team of ekoro, millhiore,-gn, haxwell[some of them aren't really within rank i'm just using as example]
  2. Every player on the team has to play in at least 3 maps in group stages and 3 in eliminations (assuming they get through the matches). An inactive player may be kicked off the team by team captain or tourney managers (makes sense, freeloaders shouldn't get rewarded should they). If players are being forced not to play by captain then the team can get a penalty
  3. Teams can have up to 4 players but MUST have at least 3 players

    Tips to being successful
  4. Only start your own team if you are experienced with tournaments
  5. Look for players with similar strengths to prevent arguing about map choices and increase chance of winning them.
  6. Find players in a similar timezone to make scheduling easier


For Soloists: as a comment on this forum and on #soloist-list in the discord (you're trying to find teams to recruit you, make sure you intrigue them)

1.) Osu username
2.) osu! rank
3.) your timezone
4.) Your osu! specialty
5.) (optional) if you are already on a team and just want to get a rank while you are waiting to make a full team make sure you mention that so you don't get 10 people trying to recruit you when your already on a team

For incomplete/just started teams looking for players: on forums comment or #team-list

1.) captain name
2.) team name
3.) range of timezones you're looking for (if any)
4.) osu! specialty looking for (if any)
5.) players already on team

For Full/completed teams:
on #teams-list
1.) Team name
2.) all players' usernames
3.) "Full team, give us our player ranks"

And fill out the google form- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... sp=sf_link
(at least 2 players need to be in discord)
Once you have filled out the form your name will be put in the spreadsheet and you will get your discord ranks

Staff registration

We need as much staff as we can get right now

Admins- Full
Referee- Could use as much as we can get, will try to get osu!tourney
Mappool selector-Full
Streaming/commentary- can get as much as we can get, i want to be able to have some streams for the semi-finals and finals. Streaming for group stages and early elimination stages is completely up to you. Just in case we need some motivation for streamers- millhiore and aefrogdog were in last tourney, so popular players + stream on your channel = twitch revenue $$$ I hope that worked

Just PM me on discord if you're interested


So if i haven't said already, the tournament is mostly EZ and FL based, there are 3 maps each for:
FL pool, EZ pool, Fm pool, HR/HD pool, and combo mod pool

Free mod can be played with any mod that you can choose, go RLX, SO or FLHDHRSO everything or be a wuss and use no mod.

Instead of just a HD pool, this year it is a HD/HR pool, so now we have some HR maps this tour besides in combo mods

Combo mods are simply combining two or more mods and you play with them during the tourney (they are mandatory)

And just to prevent confusion, the practice/cuttoff mappool in the spreadsheet is going to be used for the practice matches and cut offs, practice matches are optional and have no effect on your score.

Disclaimer:Mappools will NOT be the same for each bracket on the rest of the mappools, its only the same for the practice mappool because it was mostly just to explain what kind of maps they play

If you have to do a cut off match. depending on how much more teams past 24 are signed up is how much teams will do it. if there are 25 teams, then only 24 and 25 will do a cutoff match. if there are 28, then teams 20-28 will have a match and the players that win will take the spots, if there are 32 players, then they will do 2 matches for the spots and the 4 teams with the best scores gets the 4 spots. i hope that's not confusing, and it's only me because i'm tired af. ok looks like i'm done typing thank god phych


1st place: Gonna try to get badge prizes, if not, i'll create a banner for winning team
2nd place: I'll make a simple banner


If you want to cross sponsor (I help promote your tourney on my discord and you help promote my tourney on your discord) PM me on discord so we can do that
wao hype
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
can i be in this tournament but not have to play fl or ez
Topic Starter

Dagresha wrote:

can i be in this tournament but not have to play fl or ez
ban all FL maps, carry on HD and FM pools

i'll put a spinner map tiebreaker

destroyerwilly wrote:

Dagresha wrote:

can i be in this tournament but not have to play fl or ez
ban all FL maps, carry on HD and FM pools

i'll put a spinner map tiebreaker
okay, sounds like a plan. first place here we come
And what about players with rank between 20k - 25k? Can I reg a team with members in this rank range?
2.) xPray, Farfarr, bullen8
3.) 5.1k, 29k (can play with higher players, recently unbanned), 2.9k
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drozdovianempe wrote:

And what about players with rank between 20k - 25k? Can I reg a team with members in this rank range?
people 20k-25k can be put in 2.5k-20k
1.)Pizza Eaters
2.) KEK DESU, Proioxis
3.) 30k, 34k
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Reminder that we really need some more Admins, please PM me on discord

(and every other staff rank)
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So, just hope you guys know that the 25k-70k does in fact exist. It seems like only the high rank bracket has been getting players. If 4 teams for 25k-70k don't sign up i will cancel that bracket (2.5k-25k is filling fast though)
can i just ban all fl and go for ez
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Kondou-Shinichi wrote:

can i just ban all fl and go for ez
You can ban 2 FL maps, whether or not your opponent bans, ignores or picks the other is up to him/her
FL or quit 8)

On a serious note, this should be a fun tournament to participate in, just gotta find a partner now lol
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2.5k-25k bracket has 2 spots for guaranteed passage to group stages, if you sign up after that be prepared for cutoff matches

25k-70k has plenty of space, could really use more players in here

Staff situation: we should have enough Admins and Mappool selectors, however we want to get a bit more referees and streamers, we're hiring, you get free access to my stash of memes if that's good motivation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also we aren't doing Player-refs any more (no one signed up anyways so it's fine)
i'm hyped

Sundae wrote:

FL or quit 8)

On a serious note, this should be a fun tournament to participate in, just gotta find a partner now lol
Make our union great again? :roll:
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Important: 25k-70k Bracket has been canceled due to lack of demand.. 2.5k-20k will run as normal, 22 teams currently signed up, after 24 teams are signed up there will be mandatory cut-off matches
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