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Sorry if this is resolved, or I overlooked it in the FAQ, but in this beatmap I made http://osu.ppy.sh/s/16404 , the ending takes ~15 secs longer than it should. I don't know how to fix this.

Any help is much appreciated. :)
You have some storyboarded code (that only shows the background, so nothing actually changes) near the end of the map. So the map continues playing until it gets to that (you might of put it in the design tab by accident)

Go to your beatmap folder (file - open folder) and delete both of the .osb files that are located there and refresh the map, it should all work correctly after that.
Hmmm... still for some reason it's happening,
The OSB has a habit of coming back if you delete whilst in the editor.

Try opening the song folder, getting out of the editor/go to the song select menu, then deleting the osb files. Then go back into Edit mode and it should stop doing that.

Alternatively, delete the osb in the editor and select File > Reload all
Alright, I will try it, thanks :)
Resolved, thank you very much. *happyfaec*
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