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Problem Details: All my local replays were deleted. I always play online and most of the time single-player. It's not a huge issue but there are times when the local replay data can be usefull. Can i restore them somehow? I also tried processing all maps but it didn't change anything.

edit: i tried t/221206 this solution, now i'm left without both old and new replays, but i guess i'll just get the old scores.db from my recycle bin.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/9297803 (as you can see the beatmap list tells you i got a rank on it, my profile tells you i got a top pp score for it, but there's no local replay. And no, i didn't score this in an mp match, just online singleplayer. not the only case).

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
In the thread you linked, replacing your current scores.db with a scores.db.#####.bak file with a smaller size is not going to do anything. In Lanturn's post you can see his current scores.db file is 1,357kb, then he also has a file that is 163kb and 1,159kb. Switching to the file that is 163k is not going to do anything. If you have more than one scores.db file, try to rename the one that is the biggest size. Also, set the file to read-only. Make sure you perform these changes while osu! is closed.
thanks for the reply. sadly renaming the biggest sized db didn't work either. what do you mean by set to read only :?
Right click the file > Properties > Read-Only
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