Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK)

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We did IRC
23:10 NeilPerry: bro
23:10 NeilPerry: 00:45:972 -
23:11 NeilPerry: guess this section should be louder than 45% volume
23:11 NeilPerry: 00:45:972 -
23:11 *NeilPerry is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1469645 Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK) [Uprising]]
23:11 NeilPerry: too high sontrast with 00:56:943 -
23:13 NeilPerry: 60 fits pretty well
23:14 Reform: yep, thats what I changed it to :D
23:14 NeilPerry: 01:06:543 (1) -
23:14 *NeilPerry is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1434114 Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK) [Kergio's Insane]]
23:14 NeilPerry: reverse out of proper feedback
23:15 NeilPerry: should be followed with hitsounds
23:16 Reform: yep
23:19 *NeilPerry is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1469644 Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK) [Stingy's Hard]]
23:19 NeilPerry: 01:28:743 -
23:19 NeilPerry: 01:29:086 -
23:20 NeilPerry: is it really should be undermapped in that case?
23:20 NeilPerry: sounds really awkward
23:21 Reform: I agree, maybe he thought about playability, but I think it should still be playable
23:22 NeilPerry: ye close placed 1\4 should fit to his overall concept
23:22 NeilPerry: not so stressfull tbh
23:22 *NeilPerry is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1433790 Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK) [_orange's Normal]]
23:23 NeilPerry: 00:44:257 (3) - skipping this note will create more sense on vocal tbh
23:24 Reform: isn't there a vocal on that note though
23:25 NeilPerry: uh problem cuz of next blue tick has same vocal value
23:25 NeilPerry: as what i mentioned
23:26 Reform: makes sense, removed
23:26 *NeilPerry is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1423971 Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK) [Easy]]
23:26 NeilPerry: 00:22:657 (1) - nc seems inconsistence
23:26 NeilPerry: 00:18:543 (1,2) - in case of
23:27 Reform: removed nc
23:28 NeilPerry: add volume control for easy diff?
23:29 Reform: I just did xD I forgot to copy paste it back when fixing timing
23:31 NeilPerry: other stuff seems fine to me
23:31 NeilPerry: i can rebub
23:31 NeilPerry: poke when i can recheck
23:31 Reform: aight, I'll upload then
23:32 Reform: ok uploaded ~
23:33 NeilPerry: top diff 60 instead of 65 volume stuff which i mentioned
23:34 NeilPerry: seems not consistence to other diffs lol
23:34 NeilPerry: same for hard
23:34 NeilPerry: guess you can follow same volume concept on it
23:37 Reform: shouldn't hard be 40%? it has a break on where other diffs used 60
23:37 Reform: and would keep conistency if 40% on where it uses 60
23:37 NeilPerry: i meant use same volumes on hard
23:38 NeilPerry: for example rising for this part 00:24:029 -
23:38 NeilPerry: etc
23:43 NeilPerry: oh i meanty
23:44 NeilPerry: 00:34:829 -
23:44 NeilPerry: for this part
23:44 Reform: done and uploaded ~
23:45 NeilPerry: ya seems fine
Look it's Kujinn's reform lmao
i love v1 nominations
haha some meme stuff

Mordred wrote:

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I would strongly suggest you delete the Easy difficulty as it ignores the song really hard. Maybe you can buff it with a couple of 1/2s somehow and rename it to Normal why renaming the current 'Normal' to Advanced.

Most noticeable rhythm problem begins on 00:56:943 - where the rhythm should start progressively increasing with a couple of 1/2 rhythms here and there and then implement more creative variations towards the end on the song 01:29:857 - . In my opinion _orange does this very good, and the Easy pretty much ignores the song after the timestamp I mentioned.
I particularly don't like how the easy completely ignores the song's melody in the second kiai and just continues mapping 1/1 spam. I think you can use 3/4 gaps at least and still follow the song, while it may be an easy new players still listen to the music and should easily grasp the song's rhythm
Following Yuii's and Hobbes' suggestions, basically Normal is being way too complex compared to Easy, as it's following the melody with 1/4 and 1/2s but easiest difficulty is basically a lot of 1/1s that don't really sound or play as interesting as if they were a bit more complex.

Stuff like 01:29:857 (1,2) - could easily be improved to https://ninkeron.s-ul.eu/PWlaKxj8.png or things similar! This should work for almost everything in Kiai 2. For Kiai 1 you can easily focus more on red beats instead of basic 1/1s.

i'll miss v1 discussions
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Thanks for suggestions, I tried to improve rhythm in Easy but find that none of them work well enough for an easy diff. I think it's just better to just remove the diff altogether. I think _orange's normal does well when portraying the music and is fine as lowest diff.

Thanks again!
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same dude
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