Sawy's Modding Queue! Yay...NM STD

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Sawy's queue!

I'm somewhat new to modding, but i would love to give an attempt to help you with your map!
This will be a NM queue for STD osu.

I do have some rules however and i suggest that you read them in order to avoid akward situations where i start to question if i even should pay attention to your map when you cant pay attention so some basic rules!

Anyhow, here goes:
  • * Do not post a request if the thread is closed, check last post for information/status.
    Posting during closed status will lead to me simply ignoring your map and future request from your account!

    * I wont do songs longer then 6 minutes of draintime.

    * I rather not mod songs under star rate 4. I can and i might, but chanses are high that i'll avoid it simply since i dont understand lower SR that well yet!

    * I will only, no matter length, do one difficulty. (I might do more if i enjoy the song, but dont expect more than one diff)
    Clearly state what diff you want me to take a look at, fail to do so will simply mean i wont take on your map.

    * Discussions about my mod will be held in your map thread or over a PM.

    * You do NOT have to give me a kudoso. I'm here to improve my craft, not grind. (But do give one if you think my feedback helped you)

    * Do be a dear and add in your post your favorite way of saying ''Hello'' in your native tounge with a rough english translation. This way i know you read the rules :)
    Example ''Tjena!' It's a version of ''Tja'' that would be more or less ''Hi'' Where the classic ''Hej'' would be more towards ''Hello''

    * Not sure how long my mods will take, but approved songs should not take more then 5 days to be modded, or so i think...Pm me if i went MIA on your map
That said!

I'm open for your requests and i will take rather few maps to begin with.

During my open status i will simply let your requests come in and take out 2-3 that i wish to work with -> Then move on.
If i did not pick your map you're free to post again during the next open session but i will never guarantee that i pick just your map.
Would this be the case, feel free to PM me if you wanna know WHY i did not pick X map. I dont want drama in this thread over such a matter.

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The Queue is now open! Lets see what we get :)

Status: Open
halo! (it's means "hello")


thanks ~
Hi po!~ (the "po" is a way to speak to a person with respect especially to elder people)
NM plz
Hai~! -> (It means "hello" in english)
NM request please owo/
Thanks in advance~!
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