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Problem Details:I changued my osu!folder because the storage of it is 80GB, and its in my SSD disk (240GB storage only), and i moved my osu! folder to my HDD disk (1TB storage), when i did that, i opened osu, and when i changue of song in the menu the MS up to 33 and the osu was lagged.
To reverse this problem, i moved my osu!folder to my SSD again but i've lost almost all my local score and collections...

I really dont care about my local scores but my collections was very important for me...

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
This happens to me from time to time. A really big pain. The files are called scores.db and collections.db

Check quickly if you accidentally moved the files somewhere and replace the files that osu! generated with them.

Make sure to keep them backed up so this doesn't happen again.

I use FreeFileSync. It's a really amazing backup and file sync program.

Just download it and setup and save a sync settings file for it and run it every now and then. I personally backup my entire osu! to my cloud drive using it.
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