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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 10:11:22 PM

Artist: Feryquitous
Title: Central Nucleus
Tags: AD:drum'n'bass 3 diverse system dnb drum and bass wub wob wibble wobble improv made up tags
BPM: 175
Filesize: 9365kb
Play Time: 05:52
Difficulties Available:
  1. Sanctus Nexum (5.65 stars, 1718 notes)

Download: Feryquitous - Central Nucleus
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Since that brightest night, nothing else mattered,
Just her, and I, as our worlds became one,
Pulling, tugging, a beautiful harmony,
Until a mistake, a twist, and longing became fear.
generic emo poetry put through colourizer #583
10:35 Shiirn: IGNORING ME ;W;
10:36 Einja: oh
10:36 Einja: SORRY W::W:W:W:
10:37 Shiirn: is that a yes or no
10:37 Einja: wait what
10:37 Einja: i'm confused
10:38 Shiirn: i wnt you to post your opinions on a map of mine so i can have other people's feedback in a process called "modding"
10:38 Einja: what map
10:38 Shiirn: except for me it's more of a "make sure i didnt fuck up in any glorious ways" than a "help me map better"
10:38 *Shiirn is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1402167 Feryquitous - Central Nucleus]
10:40 Einja: oh this
10:40 *Einja is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1402167 Feryquitous - Central Nucleus [Sanctus Nexum]]
10:42 Shiirn: oops
10:42 Shiirn: part of it got deleted
10:42 Shiirn: wooooops
10:42 Einja: ripperoni
10:42 Shiirn: fucking A
10:43 Shiirn: ill need to fix that
10:46 Einja: what is your poem about
10:47 Shiirn: no comment
10:47 Einja: eeee
10:47 Shiirn: wtf is the point of a poem if you explain it
10:48 Einja: isn't that what poems are suppose to be?
10:48 Einja: explanation/interpretation
10:48 Shiirn: ?
10:48 Shiirn: lol
10:48 Einja: no like
10:48 Einja: aren't you suppose to explain or interpret poems
10:49 Shiirn: you're supposed to interpret them, yes
10:49 Shiirn: but if the author explains it then there's no fucking point
10:49 Einja: ok
10:49 Shiirn: because his interpretation would trump any and all others because it's his
10:50 Shiirn: k should be fixed now
10:50 Shiirn: also just post stuff worth kd i dont really care what it is :Y
10:53 Einja: 00:41:614 (4) - why did u change sv in patterns similar to this
10:54 Shiirn: feeling i gues
10:54 Shiirn: its the weakest, earliest section
10:54 Einja: yeet
10:54 Shiirn: so the differences are more noteworthy
10:54 Einja: 00:46:928 (3,4) - stupid blanket
10:55 Shiirn: not meant to blanket :dab:
10:55 Einja: 01:18:642 (1,2,3,4) - shouldn't this be split in groups of 2
10:55 Shiirn: the second section changes
10:55 Shiirn: or it should
10:55 Shiirn: bleh
10:55 Einja: 01:21:385 (1,2,3,4) - saem
10:56 Shiirn: shut up :Y
10:56 Einja: eeee
10:56 Shiirn: i get it
10:56 Einja: it's more easy to play though :^)
10:56 Shiirn: ti really isnt but sure
10:56 Shiirn: its just
10:56 Shiirn: this fucks up the colorhax
10:57 Shiirn: for the rest of the fucking map
10:57 Einja: oh
10:57 Einja: i get it now
10:57 Shiirn: because the color choosing system is FUCKING TRASH
10:57 Einja: colorhax sucks
10:57 Einja: 02:36:128 (1,3) - stupid overlap
10:57 Shiirn: it's........fine
10:59 Einja: i never volorhax
10:59 Einja: color*|
10:59 Einja: it's stupid
11:00 Einja: 05:18:985 (1,2,3,4) - THIS IS COOL
11:00 Einja: 05:35:271 (3) - don't whistle the whole slider pls ;-
11:00 Shiirn: its fixed
11:00 Shiirn: shush
11:00 Einja: eee
11:01 Shiirn: i noticed them
11:01 Shiirn: it sfucking annoying
11:01 Shiirn: how sliderslides work
11:01 Einja: 05:31:671 (1,2) - the circle is more spaced away from this slider than 05:42:642 (1,2) -
11:01 Einja: actually the stacks shoujld be similar
11:02 Shiirn: sure
11:02 Einja: 05:37:157 (1,2) - saem
11:02 Shiirn: eh those im leaving
11:02 Einja: k
11:03 Einja: that's all i guess
11:04 Einja: also check aimod
11:04 Einja: so many unsnapes
11:05 Shiirn: stupid fucking trash editor messes shit up
11:05 Shiirn: its because of 1-millisecond issues
11:05 Einja: rip
11:05 Shiirn: the editor can tell
11:05 Shiirn: when a slider has an unsnapped end by 2 seconds
11:05 Shiirn: er
11:05 Shiirn: 2 ms
11:05 Shiirn: but not the start
11:06 Einja: by 2 seconds
11:06 Einja: l0l
11:06 Shiirn: cuz it doesnt consider an object unsnapped if its within 5 ms
11:06 Shiirn: shut up
11:07 Shiirn: :(
11:08 Shiirn: this editor is still so shit
11:08 Einja: rip that
11:08 Einja: can i post this log
11:08 Shiirn: anyway thx
11:08 Shiirn: sure
poem mod
poem is a plot twist poem but song is not a plot twist song plase fix

melloe wrote:

song is not a plot twist song plase fix
what the hell, it got ranked without mods? xD

ok i'm dumb
Oh yeah, I totally forgot about this, my bad!
Congratz anyway :)
du schlechter mann
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