Improving your finger`s speed?

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He likes to showoff
S o r c e r y
Press keyboard soft and fast, make sure that your fingers speed are keep constant for long stream. You will discover the typing speed craftsmanship after that. :idea:
Finger weights? 8-) or just practice streamy maps.

Sander-Don wrote:

Finger weights? 8-)

(the sweat bands actually exist too, I applied and got some in the mail for free :p)
use hacks

Jalatiphra wrote:

play streams until your muscles give you a hard hard hard pain.


try again

-> improve
this or take a lil 5 minute break, and keep on berserking until you gotta sleep, then wake up and repeat for the whole day.

my own song choice I picked in 5 seconds for noobies:

1: Syrsa - Mad Machine [Champion]

Fun 270bpm map, weak 180 bpm on half time, but I guess it will do before you attempt 220bpm.

2: 07th Expansion - rog-unlimitation [AngelHoney]
07th Expansion - rog-limitation [SOLO]

A few maps I can come up with, they're only 220bpm, so keep on trying to fc these maps, until you can you go on to faster stuff.

3: Mad Machine again, no half time lol. 270bpm is kinda fun.

4: DragonForce - Heroes of Our Time [Knight] + Double Time

Yay! 300bpm <3

there's better choices, and choosing different maps would be best.
who cares, play maps/songs you enjoy
But what if those maps happen to be super high bpm maps?

ragelewa wrote:

But what if those maps happen to be super high bpm maps?
even better \:D/
take a break from osu, come back stronger than ever.
i'm ranking dt that i couldn't even pass before atm. and i didn't play osu a lot these past 2months.
^ must try
i want to stream like -Shi :>
I wanna stream like NeverDie ._.
Play every osu! beatmap in existence on Insane mode and then you'll have some godlike finger speed.
Going to ask this here because it would make no sense to make a new topic for it:

Do you think that having hypermobile joints and cracking your knuckles all the time can have adverse effects on streaming speed, because I just can't do fast streams even if I have been training streams for like 8 months.

You should practice your single finger's speed first.Without high single finger's speed you can't play any map which have high bpm,so your ability on play streams will have not enough practice :)
- Play insane streamy song until hand feels like breaking
- Don't play osu! for a day or however long it takes for your hand to recover
- Come back stronger then ever
- Repeat
(results not guaranteed though, in theory this should work :p)
sort of reminds me of super saiyan on Dragon Ball Z on how they can "almost" die and then heal and become a lot more powerful afterwards
also a nice way is to play maps that are way too hard for you, and then go back to a map that had too fast streams but is slower than what you played before, for me it always seems a bit easier then.
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I have bought a new keyboard lately, not a mechanical one, but one with high keys, unlike my previous flat keyboard, I feel like streams are going better, but I still cannot follow 175+bpm streams. It goes like: 300-300-300-300-100-100-50-50 followed by mistimed hits.
I've been doing the stream compilation a lot, but I always fail at the first Marisa song.

If I watch how Cookiezi does his streams, it`s way more aberrant than how I do it, he mostly uses one finger, but if long streams come, he uses his other finger along with it. To know what I really mean you should watch this:
My hand refuses to move like this, unfortunately.
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