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Mafia Overview and Rules

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Forum Rules:

This forum is only for playing or discussing Mafia, WWG, or other very similar forum games. Please do not post about anything else in this forum. Aside from that, typical Off-Topic rules apply.

Do NOT discuss games which are currently in progress anywhere except that game's thread.

Games that are currently in progress or taking signups are stickied. Use the general discussion thread under announcements for other mafia-related discussion.
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General Overview:

Mafia and WWG are both forum games in which an informed minority (the Mafia/Wolves) attempt to deceive an uninformed majority (the town) and avoid being caught by the town players.

Mafia Gameplay:


At the beginning of a mafia game, the host randomly assigns each player to be either town or mafia. Some games may have additional factions as well. Mafia players know who else is in the mafia, and can speak with each other in private. Town players do not know who else is on their team, and are not allowed to privately talk to anyone.

In addition to alignment, some players may receive certain extra powers that can help their team.

Number of mafia (though it's usually 22% of the players), extra powers, and game flavor are entirely determined by the host, though some roles appear very often. Generally, each game has a completely different role setup!

Games have two phases: the day phase and the night phase.


A mafia game usually starts in the day phase, which lasts several real-life days. During the day, any player may post in the game's thread and place votes. At the end of the day, or when one player receives a majority of votes, that player is killed and his alignment is publicly displayed by the host. Once killed, a player may not post in the thread at all. The game proceeds to the night.


Nights usually last between 24-48 real-life hours. During the night, no one may post in the thread for any reason. The mafia may privately converse with each other and decide on one person to kill. In addition, players with extra powers can choose to use them during the night.

At the end of the night phase, the day cycle repeats, usually with one or more dead players!

WWG Gameplay:

Werewolf games are very similar to Mafia games, but with a few important differences:

  • - Players may privately communicate with anyone they wish. Werewolf games often include chat rooms as well.
  • - Roles and alignments are not announced on player death.
  • - The day phase does not end if a player receives a majority vote. This means you still have time to change your vote to someone else and lynch a different target.

Additional Information:

For more information, please visit the MafiaScum Wiki

You can install a small plugin for Firefox to add Mafia Wiki as an option for your search bar.

<might add a list of common roles here later. for now, use the mafiascum wiki>
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Common Mafia Ruleset:


1. Unless otherwise stated in your Role PM, each mafia game takes place in the game's thread only - do not discuss it anywhere else. Doing so will get you modkilled or immediately replaced, depending on the severity of the offence. (This is important for mafia games.)

2. Do not quote any PM, part or whole, you receive from the Mod. This includes fake or erroneous quoting. Breaking this rule will get you modkilled. However, you may claim any role you please, and explain the powers in any way you please.

3. If you believe the mod has made an error, send him a PM. Please do not post about such things in the thread. If you have anything else you need the mod to read or address, post something like this - "Mod: You're the best."

4. A player who is modkilled will lose the game, regardless of whether their team mates eventually win.

Voting, Lynching and Deaths

5. Any voting action must be bolded - Vote: Lybydose, etc.

6. You may vote to end the day without a lynch by voting No Lynch.

7. A lynch occurs when a player has an absolute majority of votes on them.

8. At deadline, the player with the most votes is lynched. In the event of a draw, the player who had the most votes before being tied will be lynched.

9. Once a lynch occurs the Day is considered to be over. Please, please, PLEASE do not post again until the next Day begins, especially if you are the player who was just lynched. (Talking beforehand is acceptable as long as the lynch scene has not been posted yet.)

10. On death, a player's role will be revealed.

11. A modkill will end the Day.

12. Once a player is dead, they cannot contribute any more to the game. They are not to post anything. (A simple Bah! or Go Town! is fine)


13. Please treat each game as a commitment.

14. Day length is determined by the host.

15. If a player has not posted in 24 hours, the host will prod them if requested to do so. That is, it's up to you to ask the host to prod a certain player.

16. Prods must be responded to in thread.

17. A player who doesn't respond to their prod will be replaced or modkilled.

18. If you are going to be unable to post for over 24 hours, leave a note in thread. As long as the mod is personally given notice, you will not be prodded.


19. Be courteous and respectful to your fellow players.

20. Blatantly antisocial and offensive behaviour or personal attacks will be grounds for replacement at the host's discretion.

21. Finally, Mafia is for fun, so enjoy yourself.

22. If you've noticed something missing, feel free to ask the host about it.

23. The host reserves the right to change any rule during the game.

Rules originally written by LadySuburu and slightly revised for general use.

When hosting a mafia game, simply post a link to this set of rules instead of copying them over. As a host, you may change any rule as you see fit, but be sure to specifically mention which rules you have changed.

Link to this post: viewtopic.php?f=84&t=62209&p=1062608#p1062608
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